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Review: Spark & Tether – Lilian Zenzi

Spark & Tether - Lillian Zenzi

Genre: Sci Fi, Romance LGBTQ+ Category: Non-Binary, Pan, Queer, Gender-Fluid, Poly Reviewer: Jay, Paranormal Romance Guild Get It On Amazon | Universal Buy Link About The Book Working odd jobs across the Outer Ring gets a little lonely sometimes—not everyone loves having a synchronist with supraliminal perception around. But all Sacheri wants, he tells himself, is to wander the stars. Then he takes a salvage run to an abandoned moon where he meets the wry, reserved, strictly-by-the-rules archivist Jin. Mesmerized by their confidence and charm, Sacheri can’t resist showing off his abilities—but instead of collecting the damaged ai he was tracking, he stumbles onto a signal left by another synchronist … Read more

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New Release / Giveaway: Free Me – Beck Grey

Free Me - Beck Grey

Beck Grey has a new queer romance book out (gender-fluid, gay, trans), Love in the Pacific Northwest book 4: Free Me. And there’s a giveaway. A gender-fluid cutie, a workaholic hottie, and a hookup gone right. Blake No romantic relationship could ever compete with my dream job. Sure, it gets lonely, but that’s what occasional hookups are for. Work-life balance? Who cares? I certainly don’t. Until chest pains bring me to my knees and land me in the emergency room. It’s a wake-up call I can’t afford to ignore. When my well-meaning family encourages me to make some major life changes, like hiring a meditation and physiotherapist, whatever that is, I’m … Read more

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New Release / Giveaway: Outlaw Redeemed – Layla Dorine

Outlaw Redeemed - Layla Dorine - Comet Lake Chronicles

Layla Dorine has a new MM paranormal wolf shifter book out (gay, gender-fluid, intersex), Comet Lake Chronicles book 3: Outlaw Redeemed. And there’s a giveaway. Traditionally, rejecting a mate means walking away. It’s a simple thing, really, painless, except for frayed emotions and a bit of friction between families. In the history of Comet Lake, it’s never led to the level of bloodshed that comes when Emery’s mate, Tobias, decides he doesn’t want him. Not only are feelings hurt, but Emery’s life is left hanging by a thread and Onyx, the mate he finds on the same day his other rejects him, emerges from the encounter pissed off and looking … Read more