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Why join Queeromance Ink?

There are a number of other great sites out there that help authors and readers connect. But there’s nothing quite like QRI:

  • Our library of authors is deeply searchable – your customers have ways to find your books that cater to their exact interests, combining multiple factors – pairing, heat level, genre, character age, and much more to zero in on the books that meet their needs.
  • We do not sell books on the site. We made this decision for several reasons. First, it eliminates the risk of the site going out of business and taking author royalties with it. Second, it allows authors the flexibility to direct buyers to the sites in the order in which they prefer, and soon will allow them to feature the retailer where they make the best return.
  • We are run by a gay couple who is deeply involved in the queer romance community – a writer and an avid reader of queer fiction.

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