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We charge a flat fee annually to cover our costs for development and maintenance of the site. The fee is based on the number of active books you list at one time:

  • 1-5 books: $20 per year
  • 6-15 books: $40 per year
  • 16-30 books: $60 per year
  • 31-50 books: $80 per year
  • 51-75 books: $100 per year
  • 75+ books: contact us

You can also upgrade at any time during the year for $20 – the difference between levels – for the rest of your term.

We’ve put together a how to manual for sign-up and book entry:

Author Instructions – Open Or Download First

Then just use this link to sign up:

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If you have any questions about the site or how it works, feel free to contact us here by email.