Queeromance Ink is an author-driven site that lists books by and for a queer (LGBTIQA) audience.

We do not police stories for content, good or bad, but we do encourage authors to note when their work may include sensitive or controversial content.

Privacy Policy

Queeromance Ink will not trade or sell the names on its mailing lists to any other company or individual. Email addresses added to our list will be used solely for our own internal and marketing purposes. In addition, we will immediately remove anyone from the list upon receipt of a written request (via email or US mail).

Usage Policy

Queeromance Ink is a directory service only, not a recommendation service. We list books that have queer romantic content, and post the information we receive “as-is”. This information is not warranted or guaranteed in any way, and we cannot be held responsible for failure by any of the books listed herein to meet those claims. Anyone who uses this information agrees to do so solely at their own risk.

We do not screen the authors or books listed here for compliance with federal, state, or local registration, safety, or other legal requirements. The site visitor takes sole responsibility for investigating such compliance themselves.

Queeromance Ink also does not take responsibility for materials or statements listed on third-parties’ linked pages we link to which are not part of the Queeromance Ink site.

Queeromance Ink does not mediate disagreements between authors and readers, and any comments or questions about the content of the listings on this site should be forwarded to the author directly.

Queeromance Ink reserves the right to refuse any listing at our discretion.

Picture Policy

Please only use photos/images for which you have legal rights to use for commercial purposes. Queeromance Ink is covered by the Digital Millennium Copyright Act, but our users are not, and you may be legally responsible for the use of any photos/images for which you do not own the rights. Please don’t hesitate to drop us an email if you have any questions about this: scott@mongooseontheloose.com.

Removal Policy

Queeromance Ink reserves the right to remove any books which to not meet site standards, including but not limited to the use of bestiality, child pornography, plagiarism, copyright violation, lack of discernible queer content, etc. If such an action is taken the author will be notified, and will be warned by email about posting such content in the future.

QueeRomance also reserves the right to terminate an author membership without advance notice or refund if the author commits any act that indicates dishonesty or that otherwise could materially injure the site’s reputation. This includes but is not limited to fraud, plagiarism, and aggressive bullying, and is solely at the discretion of the site operators.

Purchases are Final

Once your account has been created, we cannot provide a refund. Accounts are not transferrable between authors.

Turnaround Time

We usually add new members to the directory within 7 business days of receipt of their application and payment.

Listing Text

We provide the form for you to fill out in your own words (including errors). We do not correct author listing errors. We do reserve the right to make changes when needed to protect the integrity of the site.

Special Offers:

Specials, when offered, are applicable to newly listed authors only, unless specifically stated otherwise within the offer.

Listing Renewals:

Hosting for each subsequent year will be billed on an annual basis. For security purposes, we do not keep credit cards on file, and do not auto-renew.

Copyright Claims:

The owner of Queeromance Ink, Mongoose on the Loose Inc., is registered under the Digital Millennium Copyright Act. We do not knowingly post materials that violate copyright laws. If you are the owner of materials that you believe are improperly posted on the Queeromance Ink site, the safe harbor provision of this law requires that you contact us first and give us the opportunity to remove the offending material, and protects us from liability as long as we do so expeditiously.

To contact us about a claim under DMCA, please send an email to J. Scott Coatsworth at scott@mongooseontheloose.com with the following information:

–The name, address, and electronic signature of the complaining party
–The infringing materials and their Internet location
–Sufficient information to identify the copyrighted works
–A statement by the owner that it has a good faith belief that there is no legal basis for the use of the materials complained of
–A statement of the accuracy of the notice and, under penalty of perjury, that the complaining party is authorized to act on the behalf of the owner

Once we verify your claim, we will remove the material(s) expeditiously.

We do not condone the use of copyrighted materials without permission on the Queeromance Ink site. If you are a Queeromance Ink user and you post such materials, please be aware that the DMCA may not protect you individually from liability. Individuals who repeatedly infringe copyrighted material will be removed from our network.