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QRI is a group endeavor. It works because the authors on the site have banded together with us to provide detailed information about their books, and have helped us get the word out about it.

So it only makes sense that we give a little back when member authors help promote QueeRomance Ink. Starting in June 2017, we’re launching the following incentives:

–Tell your Facebook and other social media followers about – get an extra month free added to your listing*

–Send out a notice to your email list (stand-alone email or in your newsletter) about QRI – get an extra month free added to your membership*

–Put a banner on your blog/website*

–Refer another author to sign up for the site, and both of you get an extra three months free. Just have them let us know who referred them when they sign up, and we’ll give them two extra months too.**

–If you plan to attend a conference and want to give away some QRI swag, let us know, and we can add two months free to your membership.**

Help us get the word out about the site!

* Copy us on your email, or send out our link and info via your social media links – one time per author
** Contact us – up to five times per author

Here are a few banners you can use:QRI Button

QRI Banner

I Heart QRI

QRI Banner

QRI Business Card

QRI Badge

Find Me On QRI

QRI Book