Child under the Stairs

Damien the Devil

by R. D. Noland

Child Under the Stairs - R.D. Noland - Damien the Devil
Part of the Damien the Devil series:
  • Child under the Stairs
Editions:Kindle - First Edition: $ 2.99
ISBN: 9781087813806
Pages: 69

Damien is a 14 year old orphan that has grown up  in foster homes all his life. He finds out that he is a "Vampeal" , a child born from a vampire and human. If that wasn't bad enough Damien is a teenager that is dealing with his feelings for other boys. Damien is put into a home that the foster parents are very religious and he ends up on the street. Patrick is Damien's caseworker and if fresh out of college is assigned to look after him but finds out that Damien is no longer at the foster home. So Patrick sets out to look for him, which turns out to be a very dangerous road for both of them.

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