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September 2021 Pack

Flames – J. Scott Coatsworth

Alex always thought love was enough to keep him and Gio together. Why did they need wedding rings or legal certificates? But now, with Gio lost in a coma after a fire has destroyed their home, his partner’s mother banishes Alex from his side.

Locked in a gray limbo inside his head, memories are all Gio has left, and the urge to let go is getting stronger.

Nothing can keep Alex from Gio’s side, even if he has to break the rules. In their stolen moments alone together, Alex fights to reach Gio, one memory at a time.

The Twilight Hours – KC Luck

Helen Hardy is not ready to give up on adventure. Even though her two daughters think their sixty-five-year-old mother is too old to be driving her luxury travel van to remote campgrounds, Helen does what she wants. It’s not until she gets lost on the way to Needle Lake Campground that she has second thoughts. Or, at least, until a grumpy, old woman comes to her rescue and helps her find her way. In more ways than one.

After thirty years on the police force, Mel Nelson is happy running the Needle Lake Campground like a well-oiled machine. With her trusty sidekick Sally, a Shih Tzu dog, she is perfectly content at seventy to relax every evening with a beer and a good book. But when a pretty woman wanders into her life, feelings Mel hasn’t thought about in a long time come back to life. She just isn’t sure what she is going to do about them.

Together, the two women need to decide what happens next–friendship or something much more?

Sonny and Leo: Holiday Omegas – C.W. Gray

Enjoy books one through four of the Holiday Omegas series:

“Cauldron Cake Pops and a Witch’s Kiss – Holiday Omegas: Book One
Sonny is an omega witch with a huge crush on the alpha bear shifter next door. Unfortunately, every time they meet, Sonny’s normal sassy personality disappears and he becomes a shy, babbling idiot.
Leo is captivated by the adorable kitchen witch that lives in his apartment building, but what could Leo possibly offer him? Thanks to his ex, Leo knows he’s not exactly the greatest catch. The problem is, Leo’s bear knows Sonny is his mate.
Fed up with their awkward mating dance, Sonny and Leo’s friends decide All Hallows’ Eve is the perfect time to cause a little mischief to bring the two together.

“Sugar Cookies and a Witch’s Love” – Holiday Omegas: Book Two
Sonny and Leo are settling into their relationship, but there are just a couple of problems. Leo hasn’t claimed Sonny as his mate, and Sonny hasn’t met Leo’s family. Sonny may be a talented kitchen witch that can make perfect honey cakes, but he can’t read his bear’s mind. All he knows is that Leo isn’t acting like a shifter that has found his mate.
Every day, Leo fights with his bear about claiming Sonny. A long courtship isn’t something that shifters usually do, but Sonny is a witch, not a bear shifter. Leo doesn’t want to move too fast and scare his mate off. Then there’s his family. He knows if his family gets a whiff of their relationship, they’ll descend like the pack of bears they are. Leo is learning to be more confident in himself, but he’s afraid to take a chance and ruin the best thing that’s ever happened to him.
A family gathering to celebrate Christmas and the winter solstice may change everything. Well, it might if annoying siblings, self-doubt, and powerful eggnog doesn’t ruin it all.

“Candy Hearts and a Witch’s Ring” – Holiday Omegas: Book Three
Meeting your fated mate doesn’t automatically lead to mated bliss.
Sonny is settling into mated life with Leo, but as wonderful as it is, something is missing. While shifters claim their mates with a bite, witches have a whole different set of traditions. He tries to convince himself that he doesn’t need them, but as Imbolc draws closer, Sonny finds himself longing for the handfasting he dreamed of as a child.
Leo and his inner bear are quite content in their mating. Yes, Sonny does seem a little grumpier than usual and he does rant an awful lot about the commercialism of Valentine’s Day overshadowing the Witches’ holiday of Imbolc, but everyone has a bad day once in a while, right? When Leo suddenly discovers that there is a lot more to mating a witch than claiming him with a bite, he’s shocked at the amount of work ahead of him. Will Leo make the effort to give Sonny what he needs?

Bonus Content: “Carrot Cake and a Witch’s Surprise” – Holiday Omegas: Book Four
Sonny is a very happy kitchen witch with a wonderful mate, successful potion shop, and plenty of friends and family that love and accept him. However, there’s one more thing Sonny wants. A baby. What’s a witch to do? Burn fertility candles, eat spelled carrot cake, and complete his morning fertility blessings of course. When his dream finally comes true, he realizes he forgot one thing. He might need to tell his mate.
Litha is coming and is the perfect time to gather the friends and family and share good news.

Author’s Note: These short stories are a light and fluffy paranormal omegaverse love story about Leo, a bear shifter, and Sonny, a gender fluid kitchen witch. There is no angst and no cheating. 18+ readers only, please. Book four contains mpreg. Books one through three are for sale individually while book four, “Carrot Cake and a Witch’s Surprise” is new.

A Prophecy for Two – K.L. Noone

In every legend of Fairyland, the fairies have their own reasons for crossing the border…

Oliver has spent his life as the crown prince, preparing to rule but in no hurry to do so, enjoying life and taverns with Tirian, his fairy-companion and best friend. But when the traditional Vision Quest calls— and a dragon appears—Oliver finds himself facing difficult questions about heroism, sacrifice… and the emotions he’s discovering he has toward Tirian. But Tirian has secrets of his own, about his purpose, his magic, his feelings for Oliver, and a prophecy that will change the fates of two kingdoms forever.