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Sci Fi Fantasy Pack


by T.A. Creech

When contact is lost with Mission Control, Commander John Dennington isn’t overly concerned. Such hiccups in communication are common. The first inkling of the larger problem occurs when he sees the very shape of the world change before his eyes. John must ease his crew into a new mission and keep the Station together by any means necessary. The crew jeopardizes their chances by fighting his orders, but Jason Weiss, his mission specialist and the light of his life, makes John’s situation more bearable. The smallest malfunction to Station or crew would spell the end for six astronauts trapped high above a ruined Earth. It’s their mission to carry on. Random chance of the universe hasn’t operated in their favor so far, but John is determined to see them all safely home.

From the Ashes
by Marie Brown

After the destruction of billions of humans and hundreds of colony worlds by an unknown aggressive force, Lieutenant Wallace K. Williams must overcome his personal devastating losses and rise to the challenge of leading the few thousand survivors into a new future. Along the way, he encounters aliens, hope, despair, and the chance for an unexpected love. But will he lose everything all over again, just when things begin to go right?

Anail Dhragain
by Stephan Knox

Not his devotion to a Goddess, his fierceness for Briton, nor his uncommon desire have prepared him for the sacrifice he will have to make so his family, his tribe, and the love in his heart will survive the Roman occupation. What Trystian Pendragon doesn’t know, is it will take a Dhragain’s breath to protect him. Briton’s heart already bears the scars of Roman, Scotty, and Saxon swords alike. However, the Goddess needs but only one bloodline, to remain true to the old ways of the Druis, in order to keep her spirit and people thriving for ages to come. A legacy which started long before the tales of the mighty King Arthur arrived. Even today, Celtic Pagans whisper their story… of the Anáil Dhragain and of the legendary bloodline… the Pendragon.

It’s Written in the Stars
by Jase Hamilton Storm

A story of two men, leading very different lives, but now looking to survive their pasts.
Jake, a hard-working man, is pushed to lead a life that is not his own. Nearly a thousand miles away, a young man, Remy, is living a rich and dreamy existence. Suddenly, their worlds come to a crashing stop, and they now live with deep regret for a time gone by, and despair at a dark, desolate future.  One finally builds the resolve to break free from the chains that bind his free spirit, while the other tries to find meaning in a source greater than him—the stars. Making a quest to find himself again, Remy embarks on a long journey. Meanwhile, Jake, living a mundane existence, longs for something to change his world for the better. When both men meet, an earth-moving event is afoot. Fate plays her hand, and no matter how they try to resist her, she’s on a mission to make sure destiny is fulfilled. Is there hope for either man to find what it is they think they need, or want, to survive their pasts and live an exceptional life? That’s a question only the stars can provide in It’s Written in the Stars.

Beauty and His Beast
by Bey Deckard

They call him Marrex the Monster. Deformed and wretched, Captain Marrex roams the black of space with only a pair of eccentric AIs for company. The curse in his DNA means a long, bitterly lonely life for the Ghelyxian, and it’s a fate Marrex knows he can’t change. After a long sleep in stasis, Juniper Bo wakes to discover he’s an unwelcome guest aboard Captain Marrex’s ship. Though he tries to stay away from the surly Ghelyxian, he just doesn’t get why the curse is such a big deal—then again, Juniper knows his tastes are rather… unusual for a Human. When friendship blooms between Marrex and Juniper, they realize they face a future that neither could have predicted in their wildest dreams.