REVIEW: Land on Me – Matthew Corr

Land on Me - Matthew R. Corr

Genre: Contemporary LGBTQ+ Category: Gay, Non-Binary, Trans MTF Reviewer: Maryann Get It On Amazon About The Book Landon Griffin has everything going for him. He’s a high school senior on the brink of receiving a football scholarship, his dad is running for mayor of Madison, Texas, and his future with his girlfriend looks bright. But … Read more

REVIEW: Futures, Friends, and Other Firsts – Amara Lynn

Futures, Friends, And Other Firsts - Amara Lynn

Genre: Sci-Fi, Romance LGBTQ+ Category: Non-Binary Reviewer: Scott Get It On Amazon About The Book Sallon Lee is quiet, shy, and has no friends. They have no idea what they want for their future on the space station in which they live. But they do know one thing: they have a huge crush on Ignis. … Read more

REVIEW: Simply Connected – Alex Washoe

Simply Connected - Alex Washoe

Genre: Contemporary Romance, Sports LGBTQ+ Category: Lesbian/Nonbinary Reviewer: Monique Get It On Amazon About The Book Once a celebrated child prodigy, Blaise Noether is now a struggling widowed mom trying to keep her head above water while she pursues her Ph.D. Only two things make her really angry: her kid’s math textbooks and jocks. In … Read more

REVIEW: Flowers of Time, by A.L. Lester

The Flowers of Time - A.L. Lester

Title: The Flowers of Time Series: Lost in Time Book Three Author: A.L. Lester Genre: Fantasy, Romance, Time Travel LGBTQ+ Category: Non-Binary Publisher: JMS Books Pages: 154 Reviewer: Maryann Get It On Amazon About The Book Jones is determined to find out what caused the unexpected death of her father whilst they were exploring ancient … Read more

Reflections on a Theme

A.L. Lester

Last month’s blog post about My Creative Process™ has handily led me on to this month’s and an issue I’m having with The Flowers of Time, my main work in progress. Flowers is a f/enby romance between Edie and Jones, set in the Himalayas in the 1780s. This was a new historical period and geographical … Read more

Introducing Myself: Being Semi-Closeted in Rural England

Peacock feathers - A.L. Lester

Scott asked for writers to step up and do some blogging for the QRI site, so here I am – I can waffle for a good thousand words at a time on pretty much any given subject! I’d be delighted if people wanted to ask me things or give me a topic, so please leave … Read more

REVIEW: Something to Celebrate, by Evelyn Benvie

Something to Celebrate review - Evelyn Benvie

Title:Something to Celebrate Series:Escape from the Holidays Collection Author:Evelyn Benvie Genre:Paranormal, Holiday LGBTQ+ Category:M/NB, demisexual Publisher:Mischief Corner Books Pages:84 Blurb: Niko doesn’t hate the holidays; that would require too much commitment. He just doesn’t care about them anymore. He’s a demi, disillusioned mess and he doesn’t care about much at all. That is, until an … Read more

ANNOUNCEMENT/GIVEAWAY: Mama, Me, and the Holiday Tree, by Jeanne G’Fellers

Mama Me and the Holiday Tree - Jeanne G'Fellers

Jeanne G’Fellers has just released her new enby/pansexual queer paranormal fantasy book: Mama, Me, and the Holiday Tree. A dozen handmade holiday ornaments, that’s all, but it might be an impossible task. Centenary Rhodes and her mother are at constant odds. It’s one of the many reasons Cent left home when she was eighteen. Mama’s … Read more

ANNOUNCEMENT/GIVEAWAY: Fireworks and Stolen Kisses, by Freddy MacKay and Angel Martinez

Fireworks and Stolen Kisses blog tour - Freddy MacKay and Angel Martinez

Freddy MacKay and Angel Martinez have a new M/NB Urban Fantasy: Fireworks and Stolen Kisses. No. Eating. Pixies. At the annual Global Lijun Alliance conference in Tokyo, Tally Bastille makes the first impulsive decision of his life. Others perceive his uktena—the enormous legendary serpent that’s his dual-spirit—as a threat, which makes him all too aware … Read more