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Review: Steel Nautilus – Erin O’Quinn

Steel Nautilus - Erin O'Quinn - Lighthouse Keeper

Genre: Mystery, Romance, Contemporary LGBTQ+ Category: Gay Reviewer: Maryann Get It On Amazon | Smashwords About The Book Deep passion meets raw danger… Dirk Black, a fist-and-furious undercover cop, knows nothing about lighthouses—except, in his own words, they’re put up by angels to guide seagoing idiots. So when his Detective Inspector assigns him to a solve a murder committed at a lighthouse, the cop is forced to partner with a true expert, his lover Stephan Tavish. But his decision is one wrested from his gut-deep conviction that he—and the powers that be—are putting the man he loves in a verra dangerous position. In his beguiling way, Stephan is stronger and… Continue Reading Review: Steel Nautilus – Erin O’Quinn