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Word Count: 28,800

Character Identities: Gay

Summary: What discoveries wait behind a silver mask? Rejected by his family, Dalton Radclyffe left California for a new start in New Orleans. Rescued from the streets, he devotes his life to the Rainbow Rescue Center and the kids. An invitation to the Krewe of Eros Mardi Gras ball – a masquerade – changes everything. As part of the invited charity, hidden behind a silver mask, Dalton discovers there can be ways to revive a struggling charity and life thanks to an enigmatic man named Finn. Could something happen between them beyond one magical night? Was it all a dream? Is there a possibility of something more?

At the Masquerade - Nicole Dennis
At the Masquerade

Word Count: 59,570

Character Identities: Gay

Summary: A Realm falls to the darkness. An outcast because of his mixed heritage, Braedyn of the Dark, Captain of the Royal Shields and protector of the Prince of the Southern Woodland Realm, maintains his position through sheer grit and skill. Connected to a hawk familiar, Cerin, his magic is a mixture of Arcane and wielding. At the High King’s orders, he remains by his Prince’s side through a treacherous journey through the Lands to discover answers and a new home. Losing his Realm, his parents, and his position in one-night, High Prince Conchobar Ó Díomasaigh is completely out of his familiarity. Running for his life, relying only on his protector and Captain, he digs deep to survive their trials, the growing darkness, and go wherever they must to save their Realm. At the same time, he sees his Captain in a different light and the deepening connection between them. Strange adventures. New allies. Growing connections. Can they survive this wild journey to save the elves, the Realm, and their lives?

McShayne's Elf - Nicole Dennis
McShayne's Elf

Word Count: 20,600

Character Identities: Gay

Summary: Fashion stylist, Montgomery ‘Monty’ Ravenscroft, contemplates his life and career as he approaches forty. A friend introduces him to a dazzling designer with an anxiety complex that prevents him from socializing and promoting his dreamy creations. Younger and gorgeous, Dillen Ashbridge creates dreams and masterpieces in cloth, but no one knows him. Monty decides to invest his time in Dillen. He asks an actress to walk in one of Dillen’s gowns on the red carpet and helps Dillen create a runway collection for New York Fashion Week. He never expects he’ll also invest his heart.

Built Piece by Piece - Nicole Dennis
Built Piece by Piece

Word Count: 39000

Character Identities: Ace, Aromantic, Gay

Summary: Frost scion, Jacob Serac, recognizes something is wrong in his relationship with his crystal partner, Devyn Risher. Things go wrong when he abducts Devyn for a weekend getaway. After contacting a reindeer agent from the Cheimon Patrol Division, the situation darkens and alerts to even more problems. The truth emerges along with adventures, mishaps, and chaos. Jacob, Devyn, and the Cheimon try to save their home and lives from the looming dark magic disaster. Can all this happen during Winter Solstice? It’s the highlight of the North Pole Dimension’s year. Can Jacob and Devyn heal their relationship and seal the cracks in Jacob’s crystal heart?

Cracks in The Ice - Nicole Dennis - Cheimon Tales
Cracks in the Ice

Word Count: 17000

Character Identities: Gay

Summary: Betrayed, Morric McShayne, a bloodline elemental witch, wakes during a lightning storm, bound to a post—the latest sacrifice to appease a dragon. He swears to survive as the last McShayne and there is no dragon until a powerful claw plucks him away from the precipice. With every equinox, the dragon’s keeper, Xavier, pushes back the loneliness. The keeper holds a secret until magic flares. This sacrifice is different. They battle desire and duty. When a single kiss changes everything, can the Fae help them answer more secrets and a legend’s promise? Do they fight against Fate’s choice?

McShayne's Dragon - Nicole Dennis
McShayne's Dragon

Word Count: 17900

Character Identities: Aromantic

Summary: When he turns 21, all Derick Atwater wants is to survive the traditional Party Row shots, pass his winter finals, and try not to fall deeper in lust for his mythology TA, Benoit Chevalier. After receiving a strange journal with a mysterious phrase: “Under the new moon, during deep winter, a cat will place his paws upon the snow for the first time”, he starts to feel weird. His skin ripples. Muscles ache. Though he would follow the dreamy TA anywhere, he isn’t expecting to end up in the middle of a blizzard. Once the truth about his ‘flu’ is revealed, all Derick really wants now is to pass his finals, but first he needs to survive a very long night.

Paws in the Snow - Nicole Dennis
Paws in the Snow

Word Count: 40600

Character Identities: Aromantic, Gay

Summary: McShayne Bloodline #2 A darkness encroaches the lands. Otherkin are disappearing. Towns attacked. The Golden Forest Fae Prince of the Solas High Court, Caderyn O’ Ceithearnaigh-Ard, finds himself in the middle of the battle. Where he learns a McShayne witch is a prisoner of these dangerous creatures, but escapes into a tangled land of broken magic. The mysterious witch who enters the Court’s gardens, no matter the magical barriers, and draws Caderyn’s attention. Needing help to help Larkin McShayne, he contacts another McShayne witch and his dragon. With their assistance, they try to draw Larkin out of the tangled lands and back to reality. Only there is more to the witch, to the prince, and what faces the Court.

McShayne's Fae - Nicole Dennis
McShayne's Fae