REVIEW: Wally, by Rowan Massey

REVIEW: Wally, by Rowan Massey

Title: Wally Series: Such a Colorful Feeling Author: Rowan Massey Genre: LGBTQ Dystopian Fiction LGBTQ+ Category: Gay Publisher: Self Pages: 573 Reviewer: Gloria, Paranormal Romance Guild Get It On Amazon About The Book Most people thought our drug made us into freaks, but I say it made us happier than any other bunch of freaks in … Read more

REVIEW: Strays, by Elizabeth Noble

Strays - Elizabeth Noble

Title: Strays Author: Elizabeth Noble Genre: Sci Fi/Fantasy Romance LGBTQ+ Category: MM Gay Publisher: Self Pages: 95 Reviewer: Sharon, Paranormal Romance Guild Get It On Amazon About The Book Kyle Anderson grew up with the lie that he was among the last babies born before a pandemic decimated the human race. Then Kyle’s quiet, lonely … Read more

REVIEW: Out of Time Series Finale, by C.B. Lewis

Out of Time Series Finale, by C.B. Lewis

Series: Out of Time Series Books Four & Five Author: C.B. Lewis Genre: Sci Fi, Time Travel LGBTQ+ Category: Gay, Bisexual, Transgender Publisher: Ninestar Press Pages: 387, 345 Reviewer: Olivia Get Time Turns On Amazon | Get Out of Time on Amazon About The Books Time Turns As a consultant analyst for the most technologically … Read more

COVER REVEAL: Back Issues, by Dani Hermit & Nevi Star

Back Issues, by Dani Hermit & Nevi Star

Dani Hermit & Nevi Star have a new dark MM sci fi-paranormal romance out, book one of Burn Outs: “Back Issues.” From the Best-selling Authors of the Parliament of Twilight series comes a new erotic world of Heroes and Villains! 53 year old Matt Evans never thought he would be drawn back into the world … Read more

REVIEW: Ignite, by Nora Phoenix

Ignite - Nora Phoenix - Ignite Series

Title: Ignite Series: Ignite Series Author: Nora Phoenix Genre: Sci Fi, Dystopian, Romance LGBTQ+ Category: Gay, MMM Publisher: Self Pages: 236 Reviewer: Olivia Get It On Amazon About The Book In a world that’s burning, where it’s every man for himself, all they can do to survive is hold on to each other… A slow … Read more

REVIEW: Psions of SPIRE Series, by Alex Silver

Bright Spark - Alex Silver - Psions of SPIRE

Series: Psions of SPIRE Author: Alex Silver Genre: Paranormal, Sci Fi LGBTQ+ Category: Ace, Bi, Non-Binary, Trans FTM Publisher: Self Pages: Varies Reviewer: Olivia Get the Series On Amazon About The Books Shelter (Novella, Book Zero) Former foster kid and abuse survivor, Elliott Sheffield, lost everything when he developed telepathy at twelve years old. He’s … Read more

REVIEW: Malware, By Sara Rayne

Malware - Sara Rayne

Title: Malware Series: Idle Hands Author: Sara Rayne Genre: Sci Fi, Romance LGBTQ+ Category: MM Gay/Bi Publisher: Self Pages: 56 Reviewer: Olivia Get It On Amazon About The Book What did Riley Quinn build? It’s an urban legend. A cyber myth. A secret. On the eve of graduation from the Sharp University of Technology, her … Read more

REVIEW: Shadows Of The Past, By Matt Doyle

Shadows of the Past - Matt Doyle

Title: Shadows of the Past Series: The Cassie Tam Files Book Four Author: Matt Doyle Genre: Sci Fi, Mystery LGBTQ+ Category: Lesbian Publisher: NineStar Press Pages: 205 Reviewer: Marie Loring, Paranormal Romance Guild Get It On Amazon About The Book Shadows of the Past is the new novella collection set in The Cassie Tam Files … Read more