REVIEW: Peridot – War and Peace, by M.D. Grimm

Peridot: War and Peace - M.D. Grimm - The Stones of Power

Title: Peridot: War and Peace Series: The Stones of Power Book Two Author: M.D. Grimm Genre: Fantasy/Sci Fi LGBTQ+ Category: MM/Gay Publisher: Self Pages: 263 Reviewer: Linda Tonis, Paranormal Romance Guild Get It On Amazon About The Book Morgorth is considered a villain by his own people and known as the Dark Mage of the … Read more


Leopold - M.D. Grimm

M.D. Grimm has a new MM sci fi book out: How does a human survive in an alien dominated InterGalactic Community? By becoming an assassin, of course. At least, that’s what Leopold thought when he became an assassin for the elite. Pretending to be an alien known as Voidstriker, Leopold feeds his appetite for vengeance, … Read more