The Artist and His Alpha

(Alpha and Omega 3)

by Lisa Oliver

The Artist and His Alpha

Alpha and Omega Series book 3 – standalone.

Caden Wolfe lives his life hiding from the world. As an Omega with a brute of an Alpha looking for him, he can’t afford to take any chances.  He is happy enough with his art, his one good friend Felix and his agent who adores his paintings. It’s a far cry from life on the streets and Caden is determined to keep working hard, and stay out of the spotlight. Staying away from all things wolf is easy enough in the city, until he meets the one man with the potential to blow his cover and his way of life, out of the water.

Sean Black has it all – a brother for pack, a home pack that is still supportive but far enough away not to interfere with his daily life, a good business, and men who clamor for his attention every night of the week. The last thing he wants or needs is a mate, but after a brief meeting with a gorgeous artist, he realizes his life will change, and not necessarily in a good way.

A misunderstanding leads to danger for Caden and Sean has to make a choice.  Can he give his Omega what he needs, or should he make sure he’s protected and then walk away? A rogue Alpha with an agenda of his own, a trap, and trouble from the council are just a few of the things this couple will have to contend with if they are ever to have their HEA.

Warning: This book is an M/M paranormal romance. It includes sexual scenes between two men.  It also includes an Omega who will tug at your heart, an Alpha who deserves a smack around the ears at times, and a love story that takes just a little while to unfold. This is based on the true mate trope, so if that is not your cup of tea, then please don’t buy any of my books.

The Alpha and Omega series are all standalone books, with no relation to each other at all, unlike my books in other series.

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“Holy shit, he has a gun. Caden, for fuck’s sake don’t shoot!”

Sean heard Felix yell and he damn near pushed Liam off the fire escape, leaping up the last of the stairs. He could understand how Felix would want to talk quickly, especially if a gun was involved, but he had to see Caden for himself. As he stood on a rickety ledge he was momentarily stunned by the vision in front of him. A huge lit space littered with canvases spoke of hard work, dedication, passion for art and an apparent disregard for mess. And in front of it all stood Caden – locked, loaded and ready for bear.


The young man looked even better than Sean remembered. His slim, pale torso gleamed under the light, his unruly mop of straight blond hair falling just over the top of one eye. All Caden appeared to be wearing was a pair of jeans that hung low on his hips – a truly sexy picture. But it was the confident way Caden held the gun in his hands, and the unflinching glare in his eyes, that touched Sean’s heart. Felix had been right about one thing. Caden was determined to defend his home, and he looked more than capable of doing it. Damn, if that idea didn’t slam Sean in the groin and hang on.

“What are you doing here, Felix?” Caden’s voice held traces of nervousness that wouldn’t be noticed by human ears, but Sean noticed that the hands holding the gun didn’t waver.

“I was worried about you,” Felix called out, stepping closer to the glass, his hands spread to show he was unarmed. “We all were. You wouldn’t answer your door; you weren’t taking my calls. I had to know you were all right. We’re friends, Caden, I thought you trusted me. Now please, let us in. This damn ledge is fucking unsafe and you know I’m scared of heights.”

Caden held his glare for a long minute, and Sean wasn’t sure the young man would ever move. But then he carefully raised his weapon, removed the magazine, which he tucked in his back pocket, and then walked over to rest the gun against the wall.  Only then did he come towards the large panes of glass, releasing a latch, which Sean realized was actually a door latch. What he had mistaken for windows doubled as large sliding doors.

Once all three men were inside of what was a huge space, Caden seemed unsure of himself. “I know we’re friends,” he said to Felix hesitantly – scared, but apparently determined to defend his actions. “I’m not doing anything wrong.” His eyes seemed to catch Sean’s automatically and Sean was shocked to see they were full of fear again. “I’m an adult. This is my place, my territory. I’m not intruding on anyone’s space. I have a right to be here.”

Sean realized in that instant that Caden’s immediate fear had a name – the Black Brothers – and damn, if that didn’t make him feel sick.

Adult Excerpt

But there was so much sweetness in Caden to explore. The wicked kind of sweetness like tight little ab muscles that twitched and flexed, hard tiny nipple buds that sat up and begged for lips, tongue and even a hint of teeth. Caden almost howled at the last one. By the time Sean had reached Caden’s groin the slim man had a puddle on his belly, which Sean was more than happy to take care of with his tongue. Gods, more sweetness. Sean nuzzled down Caden’s cock, and buried his nose between two tight heavy balls. By the Fates, no wonder men fought over claiming an Omega. The scent alone could induce orgasm.

Not only was Caden’s natural scent swamping the bedroom, but now Sean was down at groin level, he could smell the pheromones, Caden’s natural lubricants coming into play – something only found in Omegas, and only occurring between mates. He’d heard rumors, his Dad had gone on about it one night over a bottle of whiskey, but Sean had never actually believed it could happen. But as he rubbed a gentle finger over Caden’s hole, he found it slipped in easily. In fact, Sean could feel more juices being released around his finger, as though preparing Caden for something much bigger.

“What’s happening to me?” Caden cried out. “I’ve never, that’s not, that can’t be normal, can it?”

Of course, this wouldn’t have happened for Caden before either – another first they could share. Caden didn’t know it, but Sean’s kiss had been a new thing for him as well, but Sean wasn’t about to let his gentle mate know that.

“It’s perfectly normal for Omega wolves, sweetheart,” Sean said, wanting to soothe his mate. Caden was still highly aroused, but there was a tinge of anxiety in his scent as well. “Once you become fully aroused, your body prepares itself for me – or more specifically, my cock. You won’t feel any pain.”

Caden muttered something, and Sean was sure he heard the words porn and lube, but the rest of it was lost. And so was Sean – he was three fingers deep, and he just wanted to do one more thing for Caden before he claimed him.

“You’re going to make me come!” Caden’s yells bounced off the walls and Sean ignored it. He had his mouth full, and if his instincts were right…yep, seconds later and one tiny thrust from Caden’s hips, and Sean had a mouthful of Caden’s essence. Ignoring the babbling going on above him, Sean kept up a light suction on Caden’s cock, making sure it didn’t go down. He knew he had more than one orgasm in him, and he was sure the same could be said for his mate. Oh, the joys of being a wolf shifter.

Reviews:Barbara L on wrote:

Lisa it was WONDERFUL! Just the kind of book I like. With the kind hearted omega and the burley wolf, who doesn't deserve the omega by the way, it has all the elements in it. Between the family, the intrigue, and everything else it still has the love between the two wolves and I just loved it! Thanks Lisa for the wonderful book.

Kindle Customer on wrote:

This book was so sweet and funny and loving that I couldn't help but be happy. The characters made me want to read more and I'm so happy they were happy. So glad I read this book but I love this author and couldn't change a single thing that happened.

Kord on wrote:

Lisa Oliver is a must read author for me. I have and love all of her books. This latest installment in her Alpha and Omega series is another excellent book. If you like shifter romance, this is an author you should be reading.

About the Author

Lisa Oliver's first fiction book was The Reluctant Wolf, book one in the Cloverleah series. Since then she's written more than fifty other titles spanning a number of different series including Bound and Bonded, Stockton Wolves, Balance, The God's Made Me Do it, City Dragons, The Necromancer's Smile, and the Alpha and Omega series. A huge fan of the true mate trope, Lisa's books are all paranormal, all M/M (although a few M/M/M have crept in too) and all have an HEA.

When not writing, Lisa can be found with her nose in a book or out walking her Rotty pups. Her adult children and grandchildren have found the best way to get her off the computer is to offer her chocolate.


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