Dancing Around The Cop

(Alpha and Omega 2)

by Lisa Oliver

Terry Martin has an awesome life – good friends, loving parents and a job he loves designing all of the bright and wonderful costumes for the drag queens at Club Blue.  Sure, no one but his parents know he’s an Omega wolf, but he’s okay with that.  Unfortunately being a twink often means getting picked on and after a night out with friends, Terry has the misfortune to meet an Alpha wolf, Detective Zander Samuels – his true mate.
Zander can’t have a mate, especially a pretty, sweet little man like Terry.  His friend of more than ten years, and partner on the force hates gay men with a passion and Zander won’t risk the only true friend he has, not even for a mate.  So even though he’s scented Terry, Zander is determined to stay away from the Omega. Unfortunately the Fates are just as determined that the two men should be together and when Zander finds himself hit with the mating curse in more ways than one, he comes up with a plan to have Terry without upsetting his friend.
A nasty boss, a homophobic partner, some really jerky behaviour by Zander and another Alpha wolf keen on claiming Terry for his own, all conspire to stop any chance these two have of finding true love.  But did I mention that the Fates are really persistent?
Warning: Contains coarse language, MM sexual practices, a hot little omega with a lot of friends, and a burly Alpha who just doesn't know how to be nice.
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Pairings: M-M

“Terry, is that you? What’s wrong sweetie?”

Letting out a sigh, Terry said quickly. “I met my mate, Mom, but he doesn’t want me.”

“Oh honey, that can’t be true. How could anyone not want you?”

God bless his mother. Terry knew he was lucky.  Born in the backwaters of Ohio, his parents had been surprised but staunchly supportive when he had shifted into his pure white wolf form for the first time. They were lone wolves, true mates, and while they had always warned Terry of the dangers of wandering into any wolf pack territory, they had totally supported his decision to go to college at the Art Institute in Houston, which was where he had met Roy, Joel and Charlie.


When the four men decided to stay on in Houston and get work, Terry’s parents had supported that decision too.  There were no known wolf packs in the area, so his parents thought he would be safe. The chances of ever meeting his mate were slim, but they were more concerned with his safety. Male Omegas weren’t usually treated well in a pack situation and Terry’s parents made sure that he knew that as much as he knew how much they loved him and accepted him the way he was.

“He’s an Alpha wolf, Mom. A Detective. I’m guessing he’s straight.”

His mother laughed. “He might look like he’s straight, hon, and he might act like it, but believe me, if you two are mates then he ain’t straight. Now tell me what happened. Where did you meet him, and what did he do?”

Terry told his story, his heart warming when his mother got upset that he and his friends had been attacked, and being encouraging when Terry explained meeting Mr. Perfection.

“Did he sniff you?”

Terry thought back. “Yes, I’m fairly sure he did, when he said he liked my jacket.”

His mother laughed again and as much as Terry loved the sound, his own heart was breaking. And his mother, being a Mom, seemed to understand.

“Sweetie, he won’t be able to stay away from you.”

“How can you be so sure?” The way Terry remembered things his so-called mate was a man with an iron will – not the type to break easily.

“He’s not going to be able to have sex unless it’s with you. One sniff, and the bonding process starts to take hold. That’s what happens with an Omega, hon. He can try, but his dick isn’t going to respond to anyone but you.”

Terry giggled, and then he laughed. And just as quickly he stopped. “Hang on a minute,” he said in a rush. “That means I won’t be able to either.” Gods, he was going to die a virgin.

“No hon, you won’t, not now you have his scent in your nose. Your wolf won’t allow it and you’ll get sick if anyone tries to touch you intimately.”

“But I’ve never…That’s not fair. I thought that rule only applied when wolves had been intimate with their mate. I’ll never get the chance…” Terry wailed.

“Oh hon, I so am glad you have saved yourself,” his mother’s voice certainly sounded happy over the phone, but Terry didn’t think he had anything to be happy about. His mate was straight and Terry couldn’t experience even a bit of sex, not even the fringes of it, with anyone else now. How freaking unfair was that?

Adult Excerpt

“Is it clothes off time now?” Terry asked cheekily.

“Definitely clothes off,” Zander agreed. As soon as Terry let go of him, he shucked his own clothes onto the floor in record speed and was pleased to see that Terry had no reservations either.  Terry’s jacket went one way, his shirt went flying over Zander’s head, and then Terry unzipped his pants and Zander caught a flash of pink. Not flesh pink, but bright flashy pink.

“Stop,” he rasped out. Terry looked up at him, the first tinge of uncertainty on his face.

“Please, let me do it.” Dropping his hands beside his body, Terry lay back on the bed, watching him warily. Zander was fascinated by the pink flash that was winking at him from underneath the darkness of Terry’s pants.  Climbing up onto the bed, he reached out, pulling down the rest of Terry’s zipper and slowly, so fucking slowly peeling back the black material.

Underneath those austere looking pants, Terry was wearing pink satin and lace. His hard length was straining the material and there was already a small wet patch causing a translucent spot in that area. Zander groaned, totally transfixed.

“You don’t like them?”  Terry should never sound so unsure, but Zander would have to accept that trust took time. What he could do is let his mate know that Zander’s particular kink, was for satin and silk underwear, especially when it contained a cock. No one knew that about him, but Terry deserved to know.

“I fucking love them,” he said with a growl as he buried his face in the opening of Terry’s pants, mouthing over the hard satin covered cock and inhaling his mate’s scent with every breath. Terry gasped, then moaned and the wet spot got wider. Zander lapped at it, feeling the head of Terry’s cock under the silk. Keeping his mouth busy, Zander carefully peeled Terry’s pants down his legs before sitting up to ease them off of dainty feet.

Looking down at his mate, Zander knew he was looking at the perfect man for him. Terry was slender but beautifully formed, light muscles rippling under that deliciously soft pale skin, his bright pink underwear clinging to thin hips, stretched over Terry’s hardened length. Zander had never seen anything so wickedly decadent in his life. An angelic face and sexy undies, what a combination.

“You’re so beautiful,” he said, not bothering to hide the awe in his voice. How he had ever thought that he could callously use his mate for sex alone seemed so ridiculous now, Zander couldn’t believe he had been so stupid. Lowering himself cautiously because he wasn’t sure if his mate could take his weight, Zander sighed as his skin met Terry’s, and then groaned long and loud as his cock kissed the satin of Terry’s boy shorts. He knew he was humping again, his fucking hips were on automatic. But the feel of Terry’s underwear against his own cock was so erotic, that Zander couldn’t stop.

Fisting his hand in that delightful length of hair on the top of Terry’s head, Zander bent and kissed his mate again. And again. And again. Every muscle Terry touched tingled, the man’s smooth fingers caressed hesitantly over his skin, sending Zander’s heat levels higher with every stroke. Zander’s wolf was urging him to get inside of his mate, and clamp down on that slender neck, but Zander wanted to wallow in the sensation of touch. It had been so fucking long, and Zander hadn’t realized until that moment, just how starved he was for someone to hold him and caress him. He never knew someone could make his body sing.

“Please,” Terry burst out with a moan long minutes later as Zander nibbled his neck. “My ass feels funny and I can’t hold on…”

Reviews:Ashalka on amazon.com wrote:

Wow, another great book to feed my love of books by Lisa Oliver. The whole group dynamic was so cool, fun, supportive, funny, and full of love and friendship. Everyone should have friends & family like Terry. I really appreciated the presence of Richard who was a true friend to Terry and even Zander, even if indirect. Even though Terry & Zander got off to a really bad start, the power of forgiveness and redemption, made things better. Zander's best friend Sully really ticked me off on so many levels, but I truly look forward to reading about Sully & Q. There was angst, hot sex, as well as a psycho, and friends anyone would love to have mixed into an overall satisfying read. Can't wait for the next book!

Britany K on amazon.com wrote:

I no longer bother to read the blurb when I see another book by this author. They are always so interesting, funny and enjoyable I know I will love them, and that is exactly the case here. Well written as always, the stories are always different, I don't know how she manages to continually come up with such different story lines. Have to say though, the Cloverleah series is still my favorite.

Thomas Fraser on amazon.com wrote:

Another great book from Lisa Oliver, who never fails to deliver. I loved this book and is now one of my favourites. I am hoping Ms Oliver will give us Q and Sully's story next. I don't like to say too much about the story as I want people to enjoy it for themselves.The story centres around Alpha Zander and Omega Terry and their first meeting during a bar fight. Zander tires to fight his attraction to Terry and just keep things casual between them but the fates have other plans and so what you get is a great story with an HEA. What more could you want.

About the Author

Lisa Oliver's first fiction book was The Reluctant Wolf, book one in the Cloverleah series. Since then she's written more than fifty other titles spanning a number of different series including Bound and Bonded, Stockton Wolves, Balance, The God's Made Me Do it, City Dragons, The Necromancer's Smile, and the Alpha and Omega series. A huge fan of the true mate trope, Lisa's books are all paranormal, all M/M (although a few M/M/M have crept in too) and all have an HEA.

When not writing, Lisa can be found with her nose in a book or out walking her Rotty pups. Her adult children and grandchildren have found the best way to get her off the computer is to offer her chocolate.


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