by Ezra Dawn

Sen is the oldest son to the Four Horseman known as Death. He’s inherited all of his father’s powers, is half shifter, and is set to take over the name Death if his father retires. Being young, he thinks it’ll be years before he finds his fated mate. That is, until fate decides otherwise.

Narvi is a vampire bat shifter. A rare breed among rare breeds. His family is well off and in order to form an alliance of peace with a rival clan they decide to marry him off to the highest bidder so to speak. Only, the groom isn’t exactly nice and Narvi pays the price when he walks away from his impending nuptials.

Sen is out for blood. Narvi’s family will do anything to get him back and have him marry. Will Sen be able to protect Narvi or will his need for vengeance scare the poor man back to his family?

(Warning: Contains sexual content, Minor referrals to past rape traumas, Mpreg, Man on Man action, and explicit language. Not recommended for those under the age of 18.)

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Being the oldest son to one of the four horsemen has its perks. I get to travel all over the world with my dad as I learn to use my powers. Also, since my dad and I could pass for twins there’s no shortage of people wanting to sleep with me. I’m only twenty-four, so I’m enjoying sowing my wild oats, as my dad so lovingly put it. The only difference between my dad and I is the two birthmarks under my eyes symbolizing where I come from. The birthmarks look like tattoos and most people think they are but that isn’t the case. The one under the left eye is a scythe and the one under the right eye is a howling wolf head.


With me inheriting all my dad’s powers along with my other dad’s shifting ability I’m a force to be reckoned with. I also inherited immortality which is great and all, but it also means I’ll live for thousands of years. Most of those years will most likely be spent alone unless I find my fated mate. Don’t get me wrong, I know I’m a bit of a man-whore but if Fate decides I deserve a fated mate then I won’t toss aside that gift. No matter how long I have to wait for it.



Chapter One




Finally, a day off…my dads have taken a sudden vacation leaving me to handle the deaths while they’re gone. So far, no souls have needed my attention today and I’m glad for the reprieve. Although, the sudden visit from Lucifer was unexpected. Never thought I’d be offered the chance to take over as the horseman Death if my dad retires. I’m liking the idea but it’ll take some time to get used to doing the job myself. It’s hard work and takes a toll on the emotions. My dad always says not to make it personal but he’s had years to learn how to avoid it. Me? I’m just getting started and I find that reviewing people’s lives before they die, weighs on my heart.

Hmm….maybe I should go for a run to clear my head. Letting my wolf out to play always seems to help. Walking out of the cabin my parents built for me when I decided to move out of our family home, I strip and leave my clothes on the porch. Shifting as I make my way down the steps and breaking into a run.







About the Author

Well Ezra isn't my real name obviously but I liked the name so I decided to use it. I live at home with my five dogs and one cat. I started out writing hetero romance novels but it wasn't where my heart lied. I adore all things paranormal and M/M is by far my favorite genre so I decided to start writing Paranormal Romances. There's a guaranteed happy ending with each of my books even if it may take some time for my guys to get there. I love each and every character on the page and I look forward to writing more for you. I hope you all enjoy reading them as much as I do writing them 😀