by Charity Parkerson

Savage - Charity Parkerson - Hellish
Part of the Hellish series:
  • Savage

A human meets a fox shifter. There are a lot of lies in that sentence.

Pip is obsessed with boxing. The bouncing and striking calls to his inner fox. When Celeste gives him a ringside ticket to the light heavyweight championship match, Pip is over the moon. Seeing his favorite boxer, Savage Holiday, up close is like a dream come true. Then Savage looks his way and Pip discovers what really drives his passion for the sport. Turns out, it has nothing to do with boxing at all.

Savage never notices anyone when he’s in the zone. Adrenaline always keeps him focused on winning and nothing else. There’s something about Pip’s eyes, though. They’re almost unnatural. Savage’s attention is caught. He can’t explain the draw, but Savage can’t stay away. Pip is odd and playful. He’s nothing like the rough and tumble crowd Savage normally runs with. He makes Savage want to risk everything. It’s a race to see which of their secrets ruins them first.

The Hellish Clan is back as—once again—Celeste has paired an unlikely couple. The delicate situation needs to be handled as tactfully as possible. Except Jonathan and Celeste are in charge. That means things are handled as dramatically as possible. Now, let’s see if Savage can handle it.

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