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Daddy’s Sunshine

by Olivia Joy

Daddy's Sunshine - Olivia Joy - Air B&D
Editions:Kindle: $ 4.99
ISBN: 978-1-951011-40-6
Pages: 70

James Lawrey is a CEO with plenty of cred in corporate circles and plenty of cash to go with it. Privately, though, he’s learned the hard way that it might be impossible to find the one thing he can’t buy--a young man to look after who wants and needs a real Daddy, not just a sugar daddy. 

Textile artist Rye Henry’s last relationship went up in flames when his ex told him it was time to grow up. Rye’s got a lucrative business of his own, so he needs a lover who isn’t going to try to change him, a Daddy who wants his true devotion.

Both men drop a pretty penny to experience a few days at the AirB&D, a swanky vacation home in Maine, for a fantasy that’s exactly what they’re looking for even if it only lasts one weekend.

But can they get more than their money’s worth?

Of course. Just leave it to the matchmaker.

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About the Author

Everything should be as clear as life through the lens of a martini glass.

Olivia Joy is a pen name for two long-time authors who wanted to branch out and find new ways to weave romance stories.