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Oliver & Jack: On The Isle Of Dogs

by Christina E. Pilz

After the cruel rejection from their families, Oliver and Jack brave the dangers they left behind to return to London, where they take up residence at the Three Cripples. The bedsit they share is small and riddled with bed bugs, but what does that matter when there is always cool beer on tap and the diversions of London are spread out before them?

While Jack returns to picking pockets, Oliver works in the tavern, and struggles against the endless tide of dirt and the loss of everything he thought he stood for.

Amidst their happiness and plans for future contentment, Workmaster Chalenheim kidnaps them, sexually assaults Jack, and leaves them both for dead. Will Oliver and Jack’s love for each other prove stronger than hate?

On The Isle of Dogs is the fifth book in Christina E. Pilz’s Oliver & Jack gay historical romance series. If you enjoy stories about forbidden love battling against the dark forces that want to tear them apart, then you’ll enjoy this tale, so pick up a copy today!

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Publisher: Christina E. Pilz
Cover Artists:
Pairings: M-M
Heat Level: 3
Romantic Content: 4
Ending: Click here to reveal
Character Identities: Gay
Protagonist 1 Age: Under 18
Protagonist 2 Age: 18-25
Protagonist 3 Age: 18-25
Tropes: Class Differences, Forbidden Love, Friends to Lovers, Hurt / Comfort, Slow Burning Love
Word Count: 150,000
Setting: London, England
Languages Available: English
Series Type: Continuous / Same Characters

The whole of the doorway was one mad tangle of boots and legs and arms, and Oliver and Jack had to wait a moment before a gap appeared. Then, tugging Oliver behind him, Jack plowed through, laughing as his hat fell off. He caught it before it was stomped on, and yanked Oliver’s arm hard enough to get him all the way though without mishap.

“Beer?” asked Jack, looking quite ready to march up to the bar and demand one for each of them.

But as Jack looked back at him, Oliver half-closed his eyes and shook his head.

“Hey?” asked Jack. He trudged back to Oliver and stood there at his side, reaching out to touch Oliver on the arm, as if this might tell him what was amiss.

“Mayhap we might get a drink later,” said Oliver. He placed his hand over Jack’s to keep it there. “But I’ve a mind to go upstairs, if you’d care to go with me.”


“Oh, I say,” said Jack, with a smile bright enough to draw attention. But this he did not suffer himself to hide because he never did, and Oliver did not want to make him. Not when Jack’s eyes looked so green, the faint trail of freckles across his nose somehow more endearing in that moment than they had been all day. “Well, then, up we go.”

Jack turned to plow his way through the taproom and up the stairs, his boot heels thumping loudly, for effect, of course, and Oliver followed close behind. At the top of the stairs, Jack flung open the door and dragged Oliver in behind him, to close the door and push Oliver up against it. The rough movement caused Oliver to drop his shirts, but Jack caught them with as much grace as he’d caught his own hat, and tossed the rolled bundle on the table.

“Let me open that window and we’ll have at it—or have at each other, right? See what I said there, have each other?”

Normally, Jack would have winked, but he was too busy with the window, though Oliver knew he was laughing to himself. And indeed, it was easy to be amused at Jack’s antics, so irascible and hoping for praise, as though he knew he was well loved and wanted it, but only from Oliver.

“I do love you, Jack,” said Oliver, as he stepped close to clasp Jack’s shoulders in his hands. He leaned forward and planted a kiss along the back of Jack’s neck, and watched Jack arch away so that Oliver might kiss where he would. So over and over, Oliver did, till Jack’s eyes half-closed, one hand coming up to clasp Oliver’s.

“We should do this slowly,” said Oliver. The words came without specific thought, though they seemed warmed with an idea, that Jack should be languorously sprawled on the sheets, head thrown back, dark hair like traces of ink on the pillowslip, while Oliver did things to him that might make him speak in whispers, and say the things from his heart.

“As slow as you like, sweetheart,” said Jack. He licked his lower lip, unconsciously it seemed, making it glisten, and nodded, as if to indicate how compliant he would be.

Reviews:Meredith on Diverse Reader Reviews wrote:

On the Isle of Dogs I found to be much darker than the book before. It was very depressing at parts. Granted these guys aren't in the best place in their lives when it starts out so that sets the tone of the book.

This book is also a very long book and normally I adore long novels but there were times in this story where it felt repetitive and sometimes one scene was over saturated. A few times I felt that a scene was longer than it needed to be where others were rushed and I wanted more of that moment.

Oliver and Jack are suffering. They live in a horrid place infested with bugs and other issues. Jack goes back to thieving and Oliver is a bartender. Both are trying to get by and survive. Oliver is really having a mental battle in his head. He's thirsty for self retribution.

When they are kidnapped it just adds to the layers upon layers of drama these two face. I even said, "Oh come on give these poor guys a break!" Jack is hurt and both men are left for dead. It was heartbreaking!

The author isn't kind to these boys. The writing style, again, was terrific I would say the other book was more my cup of tea.

About the Author

I write historical fiction about attractive young men in love. I love coffee, history, the Oxford comma, and Devon. There might not be dancing, but there will be a happily ever after!