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Oliver & Jack: Out In The World

by Christina E. Pilz

Out in the World - Christina E. Pilz - Oliver & Jack
Editions:ePub: $ 4.99
ISBN: 978-1-942809-91-3
Kindle: $ 4.99
ISBN: 978-1-942809-90-6
Paperback: $ 15.99
ISBN: 978-1942809975
Size: 5.50 x 8.50 in
Pages: 392

After escaping Axminster Workhouse, Oliver and Jack travel by coach to visit Jack’s family, and then to Chertsey, to visit Oliver’s. But families can be cruel, and the lads’ quest for connection leads to disappointment.

Exploring taverns and river bends along the way, Oliver desires a home for both him and Jack; however, for Jack, Oliver is the only home he needs.

When the pressures of propriety and ridged social rules threaten to divide them, and even the slightest act of affection between them could get them arrested, can their love endure?

Out In The World is the fourth book in Christina E. Pilz’s Oliver & Jack gay historical romance series. If you enjoy stories about Victorian era road trips taken by newly discovered lovers, then you’ll enjoy this tale, so pick up a copy today!

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“We’re facing the canal,” Jack said, as if this were the best stroke of luck.

Jack stood there, his hat in one hand, with his other hand on the open windowsill. His face was in profile to Oliver’s, lit by the twilight air that wafted warm and cool through the window, bringing with it the dampness of the canal, and a fine, faraway smell of rain on newly-plowed fields. And for once Jack was still, not shifting where he stood, or putting his hands in his pockets. No, he stood there, somewhat like a statue, though finely drawn, and a living, breathing thing. The echo of the sunset shone in Jack’s face, bringing out the gentleness of his wide mouth, the grace of his jaw, the sharp, green color in his eyes.


When Jack felt Oliver looking at him, he turned, and that bit of fading sunset light made of old gold and caresses of purple that reflected off horizon clouds, made his smile, which was only for Oliver, brilliant. Oliver wished with all of his heart that he could capture this moment, just as it was, and hold it inside of his heart forever.

“What you lookin’ at, eh?” asked Jack.

But his tone, far from teasing, seemed to reply in kind to what Oliver was feeling just then, as if this moment, this single moment, inside of a beautiful gold and sapphire-blue day, was exactly what Jack had always wanted, for the both of them. They’d shared this day, and would share it always.

Oliver bit his lip, struggling with how to express it, the words scurrying around in his head, even as he took a breath trying to settle them. So instead, he put his hat on the bed, and walked over to Jack, to slip his hand around the back of Jack’s head, curling his fingers in Jack’s ink-dark hair, and kissed him on the mouth.

“Will you need a wash, then?” asked Jack, as this was the hour of the evening that Oliver usually brought the subject up.

“Not tonight,” said Oliver, changing his mind from before almost instantly. “I’m as clean as I’ve ever been, so what I need—what I want—is you.”

Seeing Jack’s eyebrows quirk up, Oliver half expected the teasing to start, but he should know Jack better by now because Jack’s response was to tip his chin down and look up at Oliver through his lashes.

“You’ll always have me, you know,” said Jack, his voice soft. “Always an’ forever, Nolly, you know it. You have to know it.”

Reviews:Meredith on Diverse Reader Reviews wrote:

Christina's writing style was easy to follow and her grasp of writing historicals is not only good but actually enchanting. She nailed all the emotions Oliver and Jack were going through.

This is a long story and there were times where is dragged a little, but there's a great level of suspense in Out in the World. Oliver and Jack are on the run desperate to find a place for themselves, reconcile and put ghosts to bed.

Out in the World was very entertaining, emotional, and foreboding at times; the way many gay historicals often are with the uncertainty of their love and society. Good read.

Raven Haired Girl on Raven Haired Girl wrote:

Great writing, compelling characters.

I loved the mental and emotional connection Oliver and Jack shared, although subtle, it was approached nicely, in fact I wish Pilz delved into the connection much deeper. Undeniably attached to each other, hesitant, yet hopeful of a future, their commitment blossoms during a time when their love could at the very least land them jailed.

These two are challenged, trying to find a home, reconnecting with family, looking over their shoulder, keeping their feelings and desires secret from family and society, it’s a lot for this duo to handle, however, they rely and depend on one another and face the judgmental world together. Pilz paints the turmoil of Oliver and Jack wonderfully.

Backstory and present conditions leave the reader curious as to what will become of this affecting couple. Enough is alluded suggesting their past is rather haunting their future uncertain.

My only complaint, less intimate scenes with more dealing with fears and concerns, hopes and dreams, sharing emotionally. I’m a fan less is best when dealing with sexual scenarios. Also the narrative dragged a bit as they tramp from town to town figuring things out with nothing of merit really occurring. Pilz missed opportunities to expand on the couple sans intimate moments focusing on their bond and past really showing the authentic Oliver and Jack both singularly and collectively.

Historical romance fans with an affinity towards the Victorian era will enjoy Oliver and Jack as they navigate the future.

About the Author

I write historical fiction about attractive young men in love. I love coffee, history, the Oxford comma, and Devon. There might not be dancing, but there will be a happily ever after!