The Handyman’s Dream

"Ed couldn't help it. In the days that followed, he couldn't get the new mailman out of his mind. From the time he had broken up with Cathy Carroll after high school graduation and had devoted himself exclusively to the pursuit of those whose body parts matched his own, Ed had had an image in his mind, a full-blown mental picture of the perfect guy. That first day, when the new mailman dropped a handful of bills into Ed's mailbox, Ed knew he had found him." Told with warmth, humor, and optimism, The Handyman's Dream is a story for everyone who has ever had a fantasy about the perfect mate. Ed Stephens is a small town handyman. He also happens to be gay and lonely. Ed is practical enough to realize that finding a man in Porterfield, Indiana -- population nine thousand -- is unlikely, so he's shocked and amazed when the man of his dreams suddenly begins delivering his mail each day. Suspecting Fate has lent him a helping hand, Ed schemes to meet the mailman, Rick Benton -- hard-working and responsible -- who has moved to Porterfield to lend a helping hand to his sister, a single parent. Rick, it turns out, is gay and lonely as well. When Ed and Rick meet the attraction is spontaneous and mutual, and soon loneliness is forgotten in the joy of falling in love. As their relationship grows and deepens, they find themselves dealing with the same situations every couple faces: the reactions of friends and families, job responsibilities, and whether their love is a strong enough foundation for a long-term relationship. Ed and Rick, though, have another problem to cope with as well -- whether a small, Indiana town is the best place for two men to build a life together in the early 1980's. With a soundtrack of timeless pop classics, the story of Ed and Rick is a heart-warming journey from that special first kiss to the golden moment when one couple realizes their love is strong enough to endure any and all hardships. Gay or straight, you'll enjoy the ride
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Reviews:Bob Lind on wrote:

Ed is a closeted gay man in his late 20's, living alone in a small Indiana town, making his living as a freelance handyman for older neighbors and family friends, and wondering if he is doomed to grow old alone. Then, one day, he notices Rick, the new postal letter carrier on his route, who is very much his idea of the perfect man. With the help of a friend who sends him a certified letter (so Rick will have to come to the door to have Ed sign for it), they meet and start a relationship neither one of them dreamed would ever happen. He learns that Rick moved from Indianapolis in order to help his recently divorced sister with her three young children, and dating must come second to them for a while. As the couple gets to know each other better, they realize they have indeed found their kindred spirit and lifetime love, but wonder what will happen if word of their relationship becomes common knowledge in such a small, conservative town.

A humorous, heartwarming and affirming novel, which refreshingly portrays a small town blue-collar gay couple, practically unheard of in gay men's literature. A bit long (324 pages) and perhaps too syrupy-sweet and unrealistic for some cynical readers, but it's about time there was a novel about a gay couple in love without having to overcome a gauntlet of violence, deceit or disease. I give it four stars out of five.

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