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The Perfect Match

by Matt Burlingame

The Perfect Match - Matt Burlingame
Editions:Kindle - First Edition: $ 3.99
ISBN: 978-1976051036
Size: 5.50 x 8.50 in
Pages: 126

Leaving his life in New York City behind, 33 year old Ira Hughes has moved back into his childhood home to help care for his ailing father. His overbearing mother quickly guilts him into looking after her interests in the family curio shop. That means dealing with her business partner Colton McCabe, the bully who made Ira's teen years a living hell. Ira is now forced to confront painful memories from his past. As he watches his father fight for his life, and his relationship with his mother become even more strained, he begins to find unexpected comfort in his time with Colton. Could it be that Colton is not the high school horror he used to be? Is the bane of his youth now becoming the love of his life?


About the Author

Matt Burlingame is an award-winning journalist and playwright, living in Northern California. After 20+ years of working for various LGBTQ newspapers, websites, and even co-hosting a late-night radio show, he has retired from his aspirations of being the gay Murphy Brown to pursue his love of fiction writing.

He has written, and co-written, over ten critically acclaimed plays, including Recovery Mode, Poughkeepsie Porn Co., Countess Dracula, and the controversial Paperclip Messiah. His plays have been produced nationally, most notably in New York, Sacramento and St. Louis.

He has been a well-known LGBTQ podcaster for over 17 years and produced and co-hosted shows focused on writing, comedy, theater, gay sex education and positive body image.