Mating Through Time

by Cree Storm

Mating Through Time - Cree Storm - Defense Troopers
Part of the Defense Troopers series:
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Pages: 216
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Pages: 214
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Pages: 145

Bowie’s life has been turned upside down in one evil act. When dying, his grandmother tells him he is a Time Keeper in charge of keeping history as is but needs Marty of the Defense Troopers to fix it. Discovering Trek is his mate and they are after the same evil man, can Bowie learn his gift in time to save everyone from the enemy... because they are coming whether Bowie’s are ready or not.

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Being a man that was upfront and open, Bowie asked, “What’s going on? Why do I feel so safe in your arms and why am I so attracted to you?”
Trek answered, “Because you are my solomente…my mate.”
“What does that even mean?” Bowie asked.
Trek sighed and set Bowie down onto the bed and turned to sit back on the seat he had been sitting in earlier. Bowie felt the loss of heat and comfort and wished Trek had stayed where he was, but the man seemed to think he had to be looking into Bowie’s eyes and from the determined stare, Bowie could tell that whatever the man was going to say was extremely important and damn once the man started and explained about his people and how they became to be Marty held up his hand, “Wait. So what you’re saying is that your people were like giant two headed spiders that were split in half and separated around the universe and when you come across that other half you know them by their scent?”
Trek laughed,


You sound like Marty and Bryton, but to answer your question, yes.”
“And my scent tells you that you and I were once joined and share a soul?” Bowie asked trying to sound neutral even though his insides were vibrating with nervousness as well as excitement.
“Yes.” Trek answered again.
Not wanting to assume anything, because everyone knew what happened when someone did that, Bowie asked, “And what exactly does that mean for us?”
Trek looked as nervous as Bowie and in a way that seemed to help settle Bowie’s nerves. “It means, if you allow me to, I would like to go into the casar with you. Once that is completed, we will have sex and I will say the claiming words. We will then be blessed by the gods themselves and become one in heart and soul.”
Bowie’s eyes went wide, “But you don’t even know me and I don’t know you. You could be some mad man like that Marston guy. What if I agree to do this joining and you turn out to be an abusive ass hole, then what? I’m stuck.” Shaking his head Bowie replied, “I don’t think I can do that, Trek. I mean you seem like a nice guy and all but…”
Trek held up his hand stopping Bowie from speaking, “That is why I am asking you permission to go through the casar.”
“What’s that?” Bowie asked.
“That, my solomente is a process my kind go through to prove our worthiness to our mate. I will Show you that I can provide a good life. Giving you special gifts, proving my strength and capability to keep you safe and cared for, and caring for you to prove how committed I am to our joining. All must be done with a witness and during this time there is no sex.” Trek explained.
“So you’re saying that you want to date me and I don’t have to worry about you trying to make me put out.” Bowie asked with a smirk.
Trek smiled and nodded, softly saying, “That is one way to look at it, yes. I’ just asking that you give me this chance.”
Bowie thought about it for a moment and his grandmother came to mind. She always said good things go to those that are willing to take a chance, but still…he really didn’t have time to do anything until his grandmother’s watch was fixed and given to the man she named and hopefully he could help Bowie understand what he needed to do and what was expected from a time keeper. “I have to keep my promise to get the watch to the guy for my grandmother.” Then again nothing was stopping him from getting to know Trek during that time.
Nodding, Trek replied, “Of course and I want to help in any way I can.”
Nibbling at his bottom lip, Bowie softly said, “I guess we could try this casar thing and see what happens.”


About the Author

I was born in Fort Knox, Kentucky. I’m a military brat that travelled a bit overseas and throughout many parts of the United States. I finally settled in Las Cruces, New Mexico, where I eventually got married and then divorced. I was blessed with two fantastic sons. As they grew up and became young men chasing their dreams. I felt that maybe now was the time for me to do the same. That’s when I started writing. Never in a million years did I expect to meet the most wonderful man in the world, move to Quebec, Canada, and get married. However, that is exactly what happened. JP has introduced me to things like; canoeing, snowmobiling, four wheeling, and has taken me to some of the most beautiful locations. Ones that I had only ever seen on a computer or read about in books. I may miss my mountains and my boys, but have discovered that when you work towards your dreams, the future can be one filled with happiness and love. My boys are only a plane ride away, and Skype is a glorious thing. So I say, on to my next adventure…don’t be shocked to find it in one of my books.

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