The Traitor Lords Saga

by Adella J. Harris

The Traitor Lords Saga Bundle - Adella J. Harris
Part of the Traitor Lords Saga series:
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Three traitor lords plotted to kill the king; now their sons must deal with the aftermath.

Lord Lynster Discovers

When butler Daniel Rivers finds his employer, the Earl of Lynster, has shot himself rather than be arrested for treason, his first thought is to protect James, the new Lord Lynster, a man he’s secretly been in love with for years, even if it means letting suspicion fall on himself. James, the new Lord Lynster, knows the Crown suspects him of being a part of his father’s plot. At least he has his old friend Daniel to help.

Lord Heathborough Invests

Laurence, Lord Heathborough, hired his handsome new solicitor to distance himself from his father’s treason. Robert took the job hoping for enough references to start his own firm. But when the Crown suspects of Laurence of being part of stock swindle, he’ll need to decide if he can trust his new solicitor, or if Robert was part of the plot all along.

Lord Edwin Falls

Allen Brideson owns a successful shipping company, but why can’t he get one dockworker out of his dreams? Lord Edwin was at Oxford when his father and brother plotted to kill the king, saving him from suspicion but not from the ruin of the family’s fortunes. He is working on the docks to survive when he’s hired by the kind Mr. Brideson. But he knows it won’t last; Mr. Brideson wants to move in the world of the ton, and Edwin knows being seen with him will make that impossible.

Three gay - M/M romance novels set in the Regency period with a medium heat level.

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About the Author

Adella J. Harris lives in Ohio where she writes, watches far too much British television, and reads anything with words on it. You can find a complete list of her books at

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