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by Andrea Speed

Infected series #10 – Roan and Dylan’s life has changed since harboring a runaway infected, and weathering Roan’s notoriety from the Profeta case. Still, it’s not all bad news – a mid tier celebrity wants to hire Roan for an unusual case. Only it takes a dark turn, and while trying to deal with it, Roan also has to deal with a medical issue. It falls to Roan’s family – including reckless Holden and imposing teddy bear Grey – to figure things out, and find a killer before he kills again.

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Cover Artists:
Pairings: M-M
Heat Level: 2
Romantic Content: 2
Ending: Click here to reveal
Character Identities: Ace, Gay, Non Binary
Protagonist 1 Age: 36-45
Protagonist 2 Age: 26-35
Tropes: Adopted Child, Badass Hero, Hurt / Comfort, Married Life
Word Count: 81544
Setting: Vancouver, British Columbia
Languages Available: English
Series Type: Continuous / Same Characters

Outside, the day was gloomy and overcast, but not currently raining, which reminded Roan of old Seattle weather so fiercely he almost felt a moment of nostalgia. He turned on his phone and tried to mentally move on.

“Why do you always turn off your phone before we go in?” Maya asked. She had several sips of her coffee, and her body posture and aura were reflecting a sort of relaxation.

“Because the sign asks you to.”

“So? When do you follow rules?”


Roan stared at her, wondering how he should respond. He followed a shameless amount of rules really, but having Maya live with them was definitely not one of them. In fact, she was doing her whole distance learning thing under the name Maya Harlow, as they couldn’t use her real last name, for fear someone back in Quebec might realize she was the girl that had supposedly run away from their custody. She wasn’t wanted by police exactly, but supposedly there were some active alerts for her in Montreal, in case anyone spotted her. It wasn’t a full nationwide amber alert, so at least they had that going for them. It helped that Maya had changed her own appearance, going for a short undercut that was currently dyed purple, which she now added to by putting on white rimmed sunglasses.

It had been three months since the aftermath of the Reed Profeta case blew up and made Roan more known than he was comfortable with. So it wasn’t a surprise to him that he had some voicemails waiting for him. He tried to take on only light jobs, as they needed the money, but he had no interest in further publicity. As they walked back to the car, Maya contentedly drinking her coffee, Roan listened to his messages.

The first was an ad he instantly dumped, and the second was a reminder call for an upcoming appointment, which he didn’t need. The third one was new. “Hello, Mr. McKichan. My name is Sky Tran, and I have a job which would be perfect for you, because I don’t think it has a hope in hell of succeeding, but I’d appreciate it if you gave it a look anyway. If you’re in the neighborhood, by which I mean Vancouver, I’m at Sky’s Boutique down on Main until ten, and my phone number is 555-7586. Thanks for your time.” Hmm. A shop on Main? Trendy, probably pricey. He was kind of intrigued by the lack of actionable info in her message. What possible mystery could a chichi boutique possibly have for him?

He glanced at the time and figured he could drop Maya off at home, and get back on the road. Roan could swing by Adira’s bakery afterward, which was only a couple blocks off Main. He hadn’t bugged Dylan at work since the bakery opened up.

No time like the present, right?


About the Author

Andrea Speed may or may not exist. She may have been found in a shoe box for a brand that has never existed - Rebus: Picture Success. Or don't. Your call. - in the Dumpster of a co-op in Seattle. Or maybe she's a collection of Twitter bots advertising coffee enemas who somehow combined and gained sentience. Nobody knows for sure or cares. May also be a small, medicinal horse that's the Meryl Streep of stunt corpses.