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Peppermint Mocha Kisses

by BL Maxwell

Peppermint Mocha Kisses - BL Maxwell

Randy Miller wants nothing more than to make a living selling the fantastic cookies he dreams up when he’s not working as a web designer. He’s always loved baking, but he’s afraid of taking the leap from hobby to business. Mostly he’s afraid of failing, and of Eli coming up with a better recipe.

Eli Canton has a crush. A big crush on someone who avoids him whenever he can. Eli loves everything about Randy, even if he’s grouchy and seems to work way too much. Eli knows he’s not all bad and hopes to have a chance with him someday.

A broken oven throws the two of them together, and even though Randy doesn’t want to admit it, he likes the time he spends with Eli. And Eli definitely can’t wait to spend more time with Randy. Now if only they can make it past the annual cookie exchange and possibly Valentine’s Day to their own sweet happy ending. #smalltown Romance, #opposites attract, #MM Romance


About the Author

BL Maxwell grew up in a small town listening to her grandfather spin tales about his childhood. Later she became an avid reader and after a certain vampire series she became obsessed with fanfiction. She soon discovered Slash fanfiction and later discovered the MM genre and was hooked.

Many years later, she decided to take the plunge and write down some of the stories that seem to run through her head late at night when she’s trying to sleep.