The Blake Inheritance

by Jackson Marsh

The Blake Inheritance - Jackson Marsh
Editions:Kindle: $ 2.99
ISBN: B07C84C13Z
Pages: 235

"Let us go then you and I, to the place where the wild thyme grows."

An inheritance, a ring and a church organ; three clues to the Blake family mystery.
Twenty-five and fleeing a stale relationship, Ryan Blake returns home to find some answers. What he discovers is the impish twenty-two-year-old, Charlie Hatch, a homeless scamp who has a way with words, a love of mysteries, and a very cute arse.
As the two set about unlocking the Blake family secrets, Ryan finds himself falling for the younger guy. But is he ready to commit again? And can Charlie learn to accept that someone loves him?

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Reviews:Linda on Amazon wrote:

Amazing, Jackson Marsh has written a compelling mystery and a wonderful love story both at the same time. Ryan Blake comes searching for answers as to why his generation of the Blake family receives a fortune that most often goes to the next generation. Surprise Charlie who has no job, a dubious living situation and is generally not well thought of has many of the answers. It is a mystery and it truly is not solved until the very end. It’s a great twist on your standard mysteries. Plus watching Ryan and Charlie overcome their heartbreaking pasts to try and find a future, is engrossing all by itself. So actually, it is a mystery within a mystery. This is the first Jackson Marsh offering I have read and I will be watching for his next read. Read “The Blake Inheritance” and put Jackson Marsh on your watchlist.

About the Author

Hi. Jackson was born in 2017 as the penname for me (James) so that I could publish my new gay fiction independently from my other writing work. I was born on the south coast of England during a blizzard, but now like to warm thing up with MM romance novels, gay mysteries and some occasional erotica. In 2007 I was awarded and EGPA award for my erotic short stories, and in 2018 I won a Best Screenplay award for one of my films. I am a diverse writer with thrillers, comedies and horror stories under my James belt, and now romance and mystery under my Jackson belt.

At the moment I am concentrating on two genres: older/younger MM romance, and youth mysteries with early 20s main characters and a love story included.

I now live on a Greek island with my husband.

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