Magic Spells

A dozen magical stolen moments.... love spells from a magical world.

by Janice Jarrell

Magic Spells - Janice Jarrell
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Even after publishing Love's Magic I found myself unable to let go of Colin and Joshua. This dynamic couple insisted that they had more to say and they simply refused to be denied. I listened to their voices and the result was this collection of short stories which follow Colin and Joshua from the time Love's Magic begins through its emotional and dramatic climax.
Magic Spells is a novella of twelve short stories featuring charismatic, freedom-loving Irish police Sergeant, Colin Campbell and quiet, Jewish psychologist, Joshua Abrams. It is a smoking hot glimpse into Colin and Joshua's romance, following their story from the time they first meet to the time of Love's Magic's dramatic climax. In this book you get an intimate and deeply personal glimpse into the thoughts and feelings of two intensely passionate and single-mindedly devoted men. We watch them as their relationships grows, taking them from friendship to the ardent lovers they become by Love's Magic's end.

I hope that the many readers who fell in love with this hot, sexy, amazing couple will appreciate having all their stories under one cover. The stories in this book contain mature content including explicit sexual relations between Colin and Joshua. + 18 years of age

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Colin tossed his jeans and briefs to the floor then wheeled to face him. Against his will his breath caught in his throat as he beheld Joshua standing, naked and aroused, waiting for Colin to come to him. His skin was flawless olive-cream that seemed to glow, making the planes and angles of his athletic body stand out in soft hues against the room's subdued lighting. He stood quietly, his chocolate-brown eyes burning with passion, the angles of his handsome Jewish face causing Colin's hands to twitch with the need to trace those angles with fingertips already trembling at the thought.

Joshua's dark tumbling curls framed that face like smoke coiling around a flame. Those curls had captivated Colin from the day they’d met. His hands longed to lose themselves there, to twirl those ebony locks around his fingers, to twist them in his shaking hands. He ached with the desire to bury his face there, losing himself in their soft darkness.


"Colin," Joshua whispered. And there it was, revealed in a way that Colin couldn't help but see and understand. Joshua gazed at him through those chocolate-brown eyes, allowing them to speak the words of love which he knew he dare not utter aloud. Colin wanted to pull away, but instead he gasped and crushed Joshua's lips against his own, devouring their soft fullness as though he longed to draw Joshua's very essence into himself.

Reviews:Karolina Cebula on Goodreads wrote:

What do we get when we combine a stubborn cop of Irish origin, who's afraid of love like a devil of holy water and a gentle and full of warmth Title IX consultant who's madly in love with the said police officer? How long and how fiercely one can defend oneself against the feeling that blooms in them? And when one would finally allow the heart to speak, how deep the love between two people perfect for each other could be?

"Magic Spells" is a collection of short short stories that complement and to some extent develop "Love's Magic", the first volume of the "Revolutionary Heart" series. Largely, they contain what was missing in the first part of the series, because they focus on the interaction between Colin and Josh, on their relations and relationship, as well as on the emotions connected with all of it. A great advantage of this short collection is undoubtedly the fact that Janice Jarrell in each of her short stories goes deeply into the thoughts and feelings of her characters. Thus, while reading "Magic Spells" the readers don't look at the two main characters from the perspective of the events taking place here, but look into their souls, get to know them "from the inside", and all of this makes Colin and Josh closer to the audience than ever before. It is also worth adding that the author managed to present it all in such a way that each of the stories speaks directly to our feelings and emotions. This collection is therefore a key – for us to better understanding of the characters and for Colin and Josh to our hearts.

In "Magic Spells" I really liked the fact that the author presented love in a full and extremely extensive way. In her short collection of short stories, she presented not only feelings connected with love, emotions, sexual interest, fascination, but also the need to support and help a beloved person. What is extremely interesting, she also managed to show and perfectly explain the motives that guide a person in love who is doing a housework. Let's be honest, often preparing meals is perceived as an unpleasant duty devoid of any significance, and its only purpose is to meet the needs of the human body and nothing more. However, Janice Jarrell shows her readers that even something as basic as preparing a meal can be a proof of love. I admit that she enchanted me with this affectionate combination of the routine of everyday life with pure, sincere love.

Since our characters are healthy, adult, homosexual men, physical love plays an important role in their lives and I would like to write a few words about it. However, I am not going to dwell on how detailed or hot the descriptions of intimate scenes between Josh and Colin are, although I admit that the author has really managed to fully show the passion and sexual tension between them. What I consider to be the most important in this case are the feelings that accompany the lovemaking. In one of the final stories Colin speaks about it, but the reader feels it with their whole body much earlier. Let's be honest, writing the sex scene is easy. Writing a good sex scene is much harder. But the truth is that something so mundane does not apply to Janice Jarrell, who in "Magic Spells" showed her true brilliance. I'm not sure if I can fully explain to you what she managed to do, but I will try and I hope that you will understand what I mean. Regardless of your beliefs, let us assume that a man really consists of a body and a soul. Most writers describe sexual intercourse focusing mainly on this first element, especially on the erogenous zones. Janice Jarrell is definitely far from it, as she fully engages both a body and a soul while presenting a sexual activity of two people who are in love with each other. Her characters really experience every intimate moment with each cell of their bodies, which goes with strong emotions, feelings, love. It is almost a spiritual experience for them. Importantly, the author shows it in such a clear and perfect manner that reading "Magic Spells" the reader really feels it, as if they were in the middle of some electrical discharges that lift every hair on their body.

Finally, I would like to add that in "Magic Spells" a typical human factor was somewhat connected with the abstraction which is love, which I consider very interesting and noteworthy. On the one hand, we see feelings and emotions related purely to love, on the other, there are some small human vices and problems that to some extent affect the other person and their feelings. In the case of Josh, we see it primarily in a short story entitled "The Test", where the said interaction between the human element and love is shown by emphasizing his insecurity and moments of doubt which are rooted in his past. Regarding Colin, the author presented the human factor in the story "Three-Way", where it manifests itself in his reckless words. I think that this is extremely important because it shows that a man is not perfect, so love goes with the acceptance of the other person and the need and willingness to change oneself.

In summary, "Magic Spells" is a small collection of short stories which is overflowing with content and meaning. This is a wonderful complement to "Love's Magic" and a book that you really need to read. In this short collection, feelings and emotions of our two favorite characters fill each page. Believe me, if you want to find out what love really is, reach for this little piece of art!

Stories in Magic Spells

Almost A Promise - Is there something in Colin's glance which hints at connection beyond the a sexual? Is it possible that the fiercely independent Irish cop saw, in Joshua, something more than a 'fuck buddy'? Joshua knew he'd be a fool to allow such thoughts. That kind of wishful thinking was dangerous. But when they were this close... he couldn't help himself.

The Hunger - There were some hungers that food could never satisfy. There were some hungers which defied even a stubborn Irishman's insistence that he didn't 'do' relationships. There were some hungers that refused to die.

The Healer - Joshua was a good enough shrink to recognize a lost cause when he saw one. But there was something about this man that no one else could see. Something meant for Joshua's eyes alone.

Dinner with Colin - Just a bit of food and sass between... friends.

At the Crossroad - Colin strives not to know what he absolutely knows.

No Big Deal - A Colin Story - He's simply having a stout at McCafferty's when Jeff Kerry happens along. Too bad Jeff knows him so well.

The Frat Boy - Colin and Joshua are interrogating a prisoner when all hell breaks loose and Joshua manages to surprise the hell out of one big, Irish cop.

Title IX – Being a Title IX consultant limits what Joshua can do to help when an assault victim refuses to prosecute. All he can do is watch Colin grieve.

WARNING: The time frame of the stories which follow occur AFTER the climax of Love’s Magic. If you have not yet read the book THESE STORIES CONTAINS SPOILERS!

On the Stairs - Is there ANYPLACE those two won't make love? Doesn't seem like it!

The Test – Can Joshua get Colin to take a psychological quiz? And will he regret it if he does?

Fitness – Colin's late getting home from work. But he has a good reason and it leads to an entirely new experience in their lives… and in their bed.

Three-way – You have got to be kidding!! Well, actually he was, but David doesn't like it one bit!

About the Author

I’ve been writing gay romance since I was twelve years old, only back then it wasn’t called ‘gay romance’. In fact, it had no name at all. It was the fifty’s, and it was worth your life to admit to being gay, let alone confess to being a girl who constantly fantasized about relationships between gay men.

For the next twenty years I wrote slash fanfiction, mainly in the ‘Lord of the Rings’ fandom. Overall, I wrote over 337 stories, some as short as 100 words (a drabble) some as long as a series which was over 119,012 words. I enjoy writing my stories. I enjoyed the feedback I received from my readers. It was a creative release I’d been searching for my entire life and I blessed the Internet for leading me to this artistic oasis for my spirit.

But after a while it just wasn’t enough. Writing stories about other people’s characters begin to grow tiresome and repetitive. My first book, Love’s Legacy, began as an AU fanfiction story. I wrote my fandom characters in an alternative universe simply to try to extend my reach. But it fell flat.

Love’s Magic was my very first step into writing my own characters.

I hope you’ll read Love’s Magic. I hope you’ll meet David and Nate… Colin and Joshua. These dynamic, sexy, and totally adorable men carried me into a whole new world of love, romance, joy, and happily-ever-after’s. I hope they’ll do the same for you.

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