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Word Count: 47570

Character Identities: Gay

Summary: Nigel wouldn’t mind if Asher called him Daddy if the age-gap didn’t bother him so much. Nigel Blackburn has lived a full like as a private investigator. His job means he travels solo a lot, which is something he enjoys. He’s a grouchy, stubborn dragon shifter who is better off alone. The last thing he wants is a mate and certainly not one so young. It doesn’t matter that he finds little bobcat shifter, Asher Burkhart, sexy. But all Nigel’s dragon wants to do is protect, which is good because danger drives into town. A Little Unsteady (Wingspan #4) is a continuation of Solid Ground (Wingspan #3). For the best reading experience, read them in order.

A Little Unsteady - April Kelley - Wingspan
A Little Unsteady (Wingspan 4)

April Kelley ...

Pairing: M-M

October 9, 2020

Word Count: 78000

Character Identities: Ace, Demisexual, Gay, Pansexual, Polyamorous

Summary: In the final installment in the SoulShares series, author Rory Ni Coileain weaves together the myriad threads of this compelling paranormal romance in a climax that crosses time and space. Sometimes Fae love stories aren’t what you expect. The Marfach—devourer of magick, long-imprisoned mortal enemy of the Fae race—is free of its Antarctic prison. The Demesne of Purgatory—Fae, humans, a Fade-hound puppy, a Gille Dubh, and a darag—is all that stands between the monster and the power it needs to destroy both the Fae Realm and the human world. The only clue they have as to how to kill the unkillable is a cryptic note from the Loremasters: “Osclór, Nartú; Tobar, Soladán; Nidantór, Breathea; Glanadorh, Coromór, Farthor; Scian-omprór, Nachangalte; Crangaol, Síofra; Gastiór, Laoc, Caomhnór; Fánadh, Ngarradh.” Opener, Strength; Wellspring, Channel; Unmaker, Judge; Cleanser, Equalizer, Sentry; Blade-bearer, Unbound; Tree-kin, Changeling; Binder, Warrior, Guardian; Wanderer, Sundered. As they rebuild Purgatory from the rubble the Marfach left behind, they have to stand together, using everything they know—everything they are to their partners, lovers, husbands. Everything SoulSharing has made them. And not everyone who enters the final battle will leave it.

Back Door Into Purgatory - Rory Ni Coileain - SoulShares
Back Door Into Purgatory

Rory Ni Coileain ...

Pairing: M-M, M-M-M

October 2, 2019

Word Count: Information not available

Character Identities: Bisexual, Gay

Summary: He never wanted a sexy vampire for a fated mate, but that doesn’t stop him from falling in love. There’s only two things Tim knows for sure. One is farming. The other is how to be a bigot. But he only wants to hang on to one of those things. Just when he thinks he has let go of the past and opened his heart and mind to other people, along comes a vampire who will rock his new lease on life on its foundation. What do you do when your life changes in the blink of an eye? That’s the question Keaton had been asking himself, and he still hadn’t found an answer to it. He has yet to figure out if the change is good or bad. It seems good when the Alpha of Saint Lakes gets him a job working with animals on a farm. Even better when he meets his fated mate. He finds out his fated mate doesn’t like him because he’s a vampire. And Keaton has an even bigger problem. One in the form of a senator’s henchman. He has two choices: Become a kidnapped experiment or betray the Saint Lakes clan.

Bad Mate - April Kelly - Saint Lakes
Bad Mate

April Kelley ...

Pairing: M-M

February 15, 2023

Word Count: 99.927

Character Identities: Gay, Straight

Summary: It’s a fine line with power, it can be positive or it can be negative, depending on the person wielding it. Paden had been thrown off his planet of Eiravia, given the name of Darius, and left to forget his race and his family. Years have passed since then and he has made his way back to Eiravia and the man he loves. With Finnal’s help, and that of his growing clan, he will make Eiravians feel pride again. His growing power is becoming known throughout the universe and he is slowly being talked about in hush tones as the Jewel, a shining star who can create wonders from changing a race to fixing a planet. Nothing much is known about him from the outside world, only the rare few that have the opportunity to understand his fears, hopes, and loves truly understand. Throughout the story, one man’s journey is interwoven into Darius’s. Vega is a cornerstone to the clan. He is a man who helps him work out issues and chase the shadows away. He helps him become something that is talked about in tales by firesides.

Beyond the Norm - Jess Thomas
Beyond the Norm

Jess Thomas ...

Pairing: M-M

April 19, 2017

Word Count: Information not available

Character Identities: Gay

Summary: Tyger tyger, burning bright… As theriomorphs in the service of Gaia, Tyr Gustavson and his lover Aaron fought against the vampires aiding the Third Reich during WWII. But even the fierceness of Tyr’s tiger form couldn’t save Aaron from being torn apart when a mission went horribly wrong. Lost in his pain, Tyr remained feral until he was unwillingly recalled to Gaia’s service seventy years later. In the forests of the night... When fighter pilot Adam Carson’s plane was shot down, he thought the worst that could happen was being sent to a Nazi prison camp. Little did he know there were other monsters in the shadows, and one of them wanted to claim him. But refusing Elizabeth Bathory had a price. Adam was turned against his will and trapped in a coffin as punishment for his resistance. What immortal hand or eye… While hunting ghouls, Tyr and his colleagues discover Adam’s prison. Believing he could be an asset, Marielle Du Lac frees him. Adam joins the team and is drawn to Tyr, despite Tyr’s hatred of vampires. When Tyr rejects Adam out of fear, Adam accepts a suicidal mission to find Thrace, the original nosferatu. If their desperate plan works, the theriomorphs could destroy not only Elizabeth, but the sire of all vampires as well. But if it fails, they could unleash a force leading to the destruction of them all… and perhaps of Gaia herself.

Blood Bathory: Absence of the Sun - Ari McKay - Guardians of Gaia
Blood Bathory: Absence of the Sun

Ari McKay ...

Pairing: M-M

June 4, 2018

Word Count: 102700

Character Identities: Bisexual, Lesbian, Questioning, Pansexual, Polyamorous, Straight

Summary: I never wanted to be queen. But I won’t let just anyone take my place. Or my men. To defeat the Unseelie, our allies need their long-lost magic, and that means someone has to become queen. I had to leave both of my lovers behind in the human realm, and I can’t return to them until I find someone worthy of the throne. Of course, nothing is ever easy, and I embark on a desperate plan to save the Fae by helping my fellow heir. Along the way, I’m drawn to another potential lover, even though we both know he should be off-limits. To become queen, Una needs one final consort, and she chooses one of my handsome, powerful guards. Suddenly, I’m not willing to surrender him. But who am I to stand in the way of our future queen? Note: 18+ only. In the six-book Our Fae Queen series, Glori will find limitless love with multiple Fae. Steamy group scenes in later books involve MFM, FMM, and MMFMMM. All intimate encounters are consensual. Mayhem. Magic. Romance. Expect unusual shapeshifters, new love and friendships, surprising betrayal, and two uncertain heirs finding their way in Bound to the Queen, the exciting third book of this new adult Why Choose romance and a turning point for Glori.

Bound to the Queen - Traci Lovelot - Our Fae Queen
Bound to the Queen

Traci Lovelot ...

Pairing: M-M-F, 4+ or Other

July 30, 2021

Word Count: 97000

Character Identities: Bisexual, Gay, Polyamorous

Summary: A night of passion with a Cat Shifter escort becomes everything for a man with poor self-esteem. To mend his broken heart, Seth purchases a date with a Cat Shifter Escort. The sex was so amazing, it let him forget his pain. Seth never expected to see him again. Nao couldn’t forget the client who’d cried in his arms, so destroyed from love gone wrong. He wanted nothing more than to help the beautiful, broken man. Their night was supposed to be a onetime thing, but six months later, everything changed when they met again.

Cat Escort - Melissa E. Costa
Cat Escort

Melissa E Costa ...

Pairing: M-M

February 6, 2020

Word Count: 74000

Character Identities: Gay

Summary: Sometimes you have to fight fire with fire. Darien's ready for a quiet life— back to studying, sleeping with his ridiculously appealing necromancer, playing magical Fetch with his dog-familar. But breaking the demon portals was only a temporary solution, when there are sorcerers out there rebuilding them. Much as he'd like to shove the rest of the job on someone else, Darien's not willing to see his world burn. Silas is ready to turn the whole hunting-dark-sorcerers mess over to the Guild. Except he doesn't trust his council members as far as he can throw them, the sorcerer Chicago has sent sets his teeth on edge, and if they get it wrong, Darien's life is at risk. So with Grim at his side, and Pip encouraging Darien, they, Jasper, and Magda will take on one more hunt to find and stop the portal-builders.

Consumed by Fire - Kaje Harper
Consumed by Fire

Kaje Harper ...

Pairing: M-M

August 20, 2022

Word Count: 59470

Character Identities: Gay

Summary: A warlock’s blood gives him life. It can also bring his death. It’s no wonder Evrain Brookes, newly fledged warlock, is feeling the strain. A coven of power-hungry witches is after his blood. Literally. A psychotic warlock wants him dead. His godfather’s training regime is about as much fun as chewing on nettles and an overweight, scarily perceptive cat has moved into his house. His boyfriend Dominic yearns for a normal life, or at least a safer one. He accepts his role both as Evrain’s submissive partner and as the conduit through which he channels his gift – but he’s afraid for his lover and the lengths Evrain’s enemies might go to in order to fulfil their lust for power. When Evrain falls victim to a plot between the Octis Coven and malevolent warlock Symeon Malus, it’s up to Dominic to rescue him. With the help of the two other North American warlocks, a mysterious cat and an old enemy, Dominic takes steps to get his lover back. There’s a high price to pay and no guarantee that the risks he must take will pay off but Evrain is worth going through hell for, even if it costs Dominic his life.  

Elemental Hope - L.M. Somerton
Elemental Hope

L M Somerton ...

Pairing: M-M

August 15, 2017

Word Count: 58000

Character Identities: Bisexual, Gay, Straight

Summary: Previously on Dragon War Chronicles, our heroes recovered and were preparing to take the fight to a still unknown enemy. Meanwhile, startling breeding experiments were revealed. Three sites are discovered in Russia that could hold all the answers they’ve been looking for. Three strike teams are assembled led by Xander, Kollin, and Tyler. Three simultaneous attacks are combined to make one devastating first strike against their hidden enemies. What horrors will they discover? What plans will be revealed? Why is a member of the Dragon Council showing up on Danica’s doorstep with ultimatums? Find out in the next exciting installment of Dragon War Chronicles. Warning: This book contains explicit sexual contact between consenting adults. There are romantic, BDSM, and purely sexual relations shown that are MM and MF. There is also high sexual tension and alpha male posturing that will make you laugh and roll your eyes along with plenty of snark and definite teasing of dwarf-like dragons. Dragon War Chronicles is a continuous series. It is best read in order. SYN Consulting Secrets Revealed First Strike Dragon's Hoard

First Strike - D.G. Carothers - Dragon War Chronicles
First Strike

D.G. Carothers ...

Pairing: M-F, M-M

March 12, 2019

Word Count: 54000

Character Identities: Gay, Questioning

Summary: Mango Ururoa has been an agent for the Kawana family since leaving the Temple of The Brethren as a young man. He does what has to be done to keep them safe, following orders without question. It’s a good life, and he lives it with honor, never wanting or expecting more. After fifty years of life, Hashani, cat-shifter, Shonto Galon is sick and tired of being alone. Especially after watching his newly-mated brother live in mated bliss for the past six months. The head of security for his clan is ready for a woman of his own and all the domesticity involved. While serving a mission, Mango gets caught between a rock and a hard place, and his actions lead him into serving a self-imposed debt of honor to Fael and Bonachi, friends of the Kawana family. While delivering members of Bonachi’s crew to a fellow clan’s ship, Mango meets Galon and the two realize immediately they’re mates. Surprise would be a mild term for what they experience. Mango had no intentions of ever taking a mate and Galon can’t understand why the Gods would pair him with another male. It’s not like he’s ever been attracted to one before. Life can be crazy, but sometimes you just have to go with the flow and hope for the best. And maybe, just maybe, the Gods knew what they were doing when they matched up two warriors who didn’t believe love would ever be written in their stars.

His Warrior's Heart - Mary Newman - The Bretheren
His Warrior's Heart

Mary Newman ...

Pairing: M-M

July 12, 2015

Word Count: 99249

Character Identities: Gay

Summary: George Pettigrew and his papa must leave the California rancho they'd lived on since his birth. They end up in New York City, where Papa marries and George gets a new beloved mama. George also meets Frank and Bart who become fast friends, and in Bart's case, even more. The start of the Civil War leaves George the man of the family, but although he’s found a job, it’s difficult to pay the ever-increasing rent. Then Papa dies at Appomattox and Mama falls ill. After Mama dies, her father takes George’s siblings. When George learns his younger sister is being abused, he rescues the three children. But will dressing his sisters as boys and himself as a woman be enough of a disguise to keep them safe until they can reach the valley he’s dreamed of? Will Bart leave behind his own family and go with the man he loves?

Home Before Sundown - Tinnean
Home Before Sundown

Tinnean ...

Pairing: M-M

April 1, 2017

Word Count: Information not available

Character Identities: Information not available

Summary: Hades should have known better... When he was hired to take an Omega in a sticky situation quietly to a breeding farm upstate, the underground fixer Hades should have known that something was fishy about the job. But he needed the money and it seemed simple enough. The Alpha hadn’t expected to have such an immediate and deep connection to the no-fur entrusted to him. Risking the wrath of the no-fur’s mafia owners becomes the least of Hades’s problems as he tries to escape with his fated mate. Enlisting the aid of his best friend, a demon ex-lover, a kidnapped celebrity, and a surly no-fur, Hades sets out on the first steps towards the fate that was sealed from the first moment he put his paws on his beloved no-fur. ☣️ Trigger warnings for dub/noncon, super tragic backstories, explicit on-page sex, angst, cliffhangers, and potentially being turned into a furry. ☣️ This book is the first in a series that is meant to be read in order as one book picks up right where the last left off. **originally published as a serial novel. This book collects The Black Devil Omegaverse: Season 1 **

The Black Devil - Danu Hermit & Curtis Star - Infernal Affairs
Infernal Affurs

Dani Hermit ...

February 25, 2022

Word Count: 23000

Character Identities: Gay

Summary: Caught between a mad scientist, a witch, and a hard place —and that was before he shifted. Austin thinks he's a guy trying to do the right thing, live a decent life that he’d fought so hard for. Then his world changes forever... A secret government project, Operation Elevate, abducts him for their nefarious and mysterious purpose, and what are they giving him in return? A mission, a lover, and the ability to shift into a panther. Now he's battling against forces he doesn't understand. He had thought he could stop fighting, but Austin’s fight is only beginning. Operation Elevate Part One: Panther Abducted

Panther Abducted - Lynn Michaels - Operation Elevate
Panther Abducted

Lynn Michaels ...

Pairing: M-M

September 28, 2019

Word Count: 17900

Character Identities: Aromantic

Summary: When he turns 21, all Derick Atwater wants is to survive the traditional Party Row shots, pass his winter finals, and try not to fall deeper in lust for his mythology TA, Benoit Chevalier. After receiving a strange journal with a mysterious phrase: “Under the new moon, during deep winter, a cat will place his paws upon the snow for the first time”, he starts to feel weird. His skin ripples. Muscles ache. Though he would follow the dreamy TA anywhere, he isn’t expecting to end up in the middle of a blizzard. Once the truth about his ‘flu’ is revealed, all Derick really wants now is to pass his finals, but first he needs to survive a very long night.

Paws in the Snow - Nicole Dennis
Paws in the Snow

Nicole Dennis ...

Pairing: M-M

November 8, 2021

Word Count: 34000

Character Identities: Gay

Summary: Half-cat, half-human, all-awesome, Jacqui has spent his life avoiding getting too close to anyone.  But despite his best intentions, he just can’t stay away from the sexy deputy sheriff, Wyatt West, especially after Jacqui is the victim of a local band of thieves and turns to the police for help. When the call of curiosity grows too insistent, Jacqui does a little prying around on his own, an activity that quickly leads him into danger. Is this the end for our Furry Fashionista, or will the heroic and altogether too handsome Wyatt save the day? And more importantly, will they finally have sex?? Read Pounce, Book 2 in the Jacqui the Mysteries, to find out.

Pounce - Alexis Duran - Jacqui the Cat

Alexis Duran ...

Pairing: M-M

May 29, 2018

Word Count: 64843

Character Identities: Gay

Summary: Music speaks directly to the heart. Joel is a music teacher who knows it’s time to forget his ex and move on, while Marcus runs a lawn-mowing business and has come to Wellington to escape the reminders of a recent breakup. Although they’re opposites, when Joel and Marcus connect, their romance has the potential to hit all the right notes. Too bad neither of them feels ready for new love. With family and friends in common, dating is risky and things could get messy if it doesn’t work out. When the sweet song of possibility draws them towards romance, a Chopin prelude ends in a seductive kiss.  But it will take some practice and perseverance to find their perfect harmony… Author’s note: This is the second edition of Prelude to Love. The first edition was released by another publishing house. This edition has some added content, and has been revised and re-edited with the end result being a better, stronger story. It uses New Zealand spelling to reflect its setting.

Prelude to Love - Anne Barwell
Prelude to Love

Anne Barwell ...

Pairing: M-M

February 28, 2022

Word Count: 20000

Character Identities: Gay

Summary: Jacqui Corleone is a fashion designer, a yoga-instructor and a concerned citizen who selflessly helps the police solve crimes.  Oh, and he occasionally turns into a small wild cat. Probably due to a wizard's curse or an evil government plot to create super warriors. Or, he's a cat cursed to turn into a human and only the bite of a sexy alpha lion will allow him to remain in his superior form of Cat. Jacqui does not have a split personality, but sometimes his cat personality can get rather loud. Loud? You're loud. Jacqui Corleone is a cat shifter who doesn't know why or how he turns into a cat. He lives a solitary life in Friday Harbor on San Juan Island. He's not afraid of intimacy (yes, he is) but sensibly refrains from potentially awkward entanglements.  Unfortunately, the sexy new deputy sheriff just moved in across the street and Jacqui's vow not to get mixed up with island dudes is sorely challenged. When the mysterious disappearance of three blue pots draws Jacqui to investigate, he prowls ever deeper into danger--and into the arms of Deputy Wyatt West (he wishes).

rowl - Alexis Duran - Jacqui the Cat

Alexis Duran ...

Pairing: M-M

May 29, 2018

Word Count: 65,000

Character Identities: Ace, Demisexual, Gay

Summary: (Blood Book Two) Raphael is no ordinary wolf shifter. Raphael knows he must be possessed by a demon. What else could explain the aggression, the physical, beastly transformations? To protect himself and others, his father locks him away. But when Raphael is nineteen, the demon gains full control and breaks free. Now Raphael is scared and desperate on the streets of El Paso, Texas, convinced he’s cursed. Then a stray cat enters his life and everything changes. Ahmes is a cat shifter and knows there’s something off about the young shifter he’s encountered. It soon becomes apparent that the young man doesn’t know what he is, and Ahmes is determined to help and care for him. But gaining the trust of not only the fearsome wolf but the scared young man will take all his persistence. Friendship, and the potential for more, grows between them as they travel to Haven, Montana—a town founded by shifters, for shifters, and home to a specialized counseling center, one that can help Raphael understand and accept who and what he truly is. If that wasn’t enough, on their trail is the last person either expected—Gregor Whitefield, the commander of the Knights of the Dawn, which is an organization bent on the eradication of shapeshifters. Gregor enjoys the thrill of the hunt, determined to collect the unique blood that is crucial to Arcas’s great plan. Raphael’s blood.

Red Sun - M.D. Grimm - Shifter Chronicles
Red Sun

M.D. Grimm ...

Pairing: M-M

January 11, 2022

Word Count: 21800

Character Identities: Ace, Lesbian, Polyamorous

Summary: Life in Bellasford is seldom peaceful for succubus, Rose. A fun night out to celebrate her girlfriend's birthday takes a sinister turn as a mutual friend is found near-dead, drained of her life energy: the hallmarks of a succubus feeding. With the Succubus Moon drawing near, suspicion falls on Rose and her long-missing mother, Ella. Investigation leads to more victims drained of energy and no clear suspect in sight. Racing against time, Rose, Lisa and their friends Alexis and Jamie seek to unravel the mystery before more innocents are attacked or something worse happens. They know the energy is being taken for a reason and could place a great deal of power at their adversary's fingertips. Rising Moon is a F/F romantic urban fantasy novella of around 22,000 words, which contains strong steamy content and language.

Rising Moon - Cailee Francis - Succubus
Rising Moon

Cailee Francis ...

Pairing: F-F

October 27, 2018

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