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Jude Lucens

Jude writes historical romances about marginalised people affiliating and building family in the face of restrictive, often punitive, social norms. Her debut novel, Behind These Doors, is a Lambda Literary Awards finalist for Bisexual Fiction.

She's a bi, demi, polyamorous, pagan WoC as well as a spoonie and a full-time carer. However, she doesn't claim to speak for any other person in those communities.

For several years, she was a 1st Century Roman and Early Mediaeval re-enactor. Her primary focus was combat and target archery, and her secondary, living history and craft demonstrations—mostly fletching and ring-mail making—as well as explaining period clothing, weaponry, armour and basic combat techniques. She has hung up her bow and cedarwood arrows, and now makes silver and bronze jewellery instead.

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Books By Jude Lucens

Word Count: 105000

Character Identities: Bisexual, Gay, Polyamorous

Summary: A Lambda Literary Awards Finalist for Bisexual Fiction (2019) London, 1906 Lucien Saxby is a journalist, writing for the society pages. The Honourable Aubrey Fanshawe, second son of an earl, is Society. They have nothing in common, until a casual encounter leads to a crisis. Aubrey isn’t looking for love. He already has it, in his long-term clandestine relationship with Lord and Lady Hernedale. And Lucien is the last man Aubrey should want. He’s a commoner, raised in service, socially unacceptable. Worse, he writes for a disreputable, gossip-hungry newspaper. Aubrey can’t afford to trust him when arrest and disgrace are just a breath away. Lucien doesn’t trust nobs. Painful experience has taught him that working people simply don’t count to them. Years ago, he turned his back on a life of luxury so his future wouldn’t depend on an aristocrat’s whim. Now, thanks to Aubrey, he’s becoming entangled in the risky affairs of the upper classes, antagonising people who could destroy him with a word. Aubrey and Lucien have too much to hide—and too much between them to ignore. Rejecting the strict rules and closed doors of Edwardian society might lead them both to ruin… but happiness and integrity alike demand it.

Behind These Doors - Jude Lucens - Radical Proposals
Behind These Doors

Jude Lucens ...

Pairing: M-M, M-M-F

June 22, 2018

Word Count: 3700

Character Identities: Bisexual, Polyamorous

Summary: London, 1898 Streetwalker Cath plies her trade behind respectable houses in Victorian London, alongside close friend and fellow streetwalker, Ben. When an ugly encounter puts them on the wrong side of the law, she and Ben must choose between risking their hearts— or their lives.

Gutter Roses - Jude Lucens - Radical Proposals
Gutter Roses

Jude Lucens ...

Pairing: M-F

March 18, 2018