Unwrapped (A Unexpected Novella)

by Valerie Ullmer

Unwrapped - Valerie Ullmer - Unexpected Romance
Part of the The Unexpected Series series:
Editions:Kindle - First Edition: $ 0.99
Pages: 71

Friends to lovers.

Jack had done what he’d always done to protect himself.  He allowed fear to take over and as a result, he pushed Adam away.  When Adam finally left, Jack understood that if he loved Adam as much as he claimed, he needed to change before Adam could risk his heart again.

Lovers to forever.

Adam understood why Jack kept his feelings secret, but after being ignored one too many times, he left.  But Jack won’t give up and when he proves to Adam how much he wants their relationship to work, can Adam risk his heart to the one man he’s loved all over again?

Will Jack and Adam find their happily-ever-after during the season of miracles?


With reluctance, he released his hold and breathed out as Jack moved to unpack their dinner.  Adam hadn’t realized he held his breath as Jack disappeared into the kitchen to grab them both a beer until he came back into the living room with a concerned look on his face.

“Are you okay?”

Adam rubbed the spot on his chest that ached.  “I expect you'll disappear if I let you out of my sight.”

“I won’t.  The past three days have been hell.  The mornings when I woke, and you weren’t next to me were the worst.  I hate what I’ve done to us, but I won’t give up on our relationship.  Trust me, the last thing I want is to be apart from you.”

Jack reached for Adam and led him to the couch where they settled down for dinner.

“How did you find a therapist?”


“I found her online.  Dr. Weston has a practice based in New York but spends half her time talking to clients who don’t live in the city.  She was free on Saturday after I called you.  We’ve talked several times already.”

“And you find her… helpful?”  Adam hoped Jack wouldn’t take his curiosity for more than it was.

“Yeah, I do.  Everything I can’t pin down; from my emotions to my fear of making our relationship public, she listens and somehow creates logic from the chaos.  I understand the relationship I had with my father made me afraid everyone would be like him.  He couldn’t love my mom, even though she tried to get him to from the minute they met, and he couldn’t love me, although I’m his son.  So Dr. Weston says I keep people from getting close by fucking up every relationship I’ve ever had so I can protect myself.”

A pain pierced his chest at Jack’s words.  He lasted months longer than Jack’s other relationships, but it hurt to realize he wasn’t any more special than the others.  Adam swallowed the bite he’d taken, not even remembering what they were eating.

“Hey.”  Jack squeezed his arm and pulled him closer.  “Whatever you’re considering, it isn’t true.  I want our relationship to work and I want to plan the future with you and love you every day, even when we’re old men.  I sabotaged my other relationships by not caring one way or the other if they survived past a few weeks.  With you, it’s different and when I explained it to Dr. Weston, she agreed.”

Adam nodded.  “I believe you.”


About the Author

Valerie writes romances.

Contemporary, Paranormal, Erotic, and M/M.

She lives in Denver, Colorado with her wonderfully supportive husband and their funny and wise black lab, Maddie.  Valerie is addicted to coffee, crime shows, and reading and writing character-driven romances.

As a voracious reader, she’s believes that all writers are rock stars, and she hopes that people enjoy her stories as much as she loves the romance novels she’s devoured over the years!

When she’s not writing or learning about the craft of writing, she can be found surfing the internet way too much, watching Investigation Discovery and thinking that her neighbors are up to no good, and finding new ways to get her husband to laugh.

She loves to hear from her readers. You can reach her at valerieullmer.com, Facebook at facebook.com/valerieullmer.author, or Twitter twitter.com/valerieullmer.

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