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The Tenth Muse

by Belinda McBride

The Tenth Muse - Belinda McBride - The Aphrodite Project
Part of the The Aphrodite Project series:
  • The Tenth Muse

In a wicked game, the God of Love falls to his own arrow, and a gentle scholar learns how dangerous knowledge can be.

Aphrodite has had it.

It was bad enough that her son Eros walked a fashion show in drag, but did he really have to show the entire world his wings? Desperate to rein in the impulsive young god, she recruits the scholarly muse Rees to lure him back to Olympus until the scandal dies down.

After hundreds of years, Eros has finally located the reincarnation of his former love, Psyche. The only way to her heart is through fame, so the God of Love plans a daring campaign to win her back. Yet the closer he gets to Psyche, the more he’s drawn to a geeky young professor who came crashing into his life.

Eros drags Rees into his wicked world of high fashion and risqué parties, only to expose him to danger from an unexpected source. When Rees’ secrets come out, they threaten to destroy Eros’ love for him. Yet when Rees is kidnapped, Eros is forced to turn to the woman who set this catastrophe in motion—his mother, Aphrodite.

Book #1 in the Aphrodite Project series

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Publisher: Pride Publishing
Cover Artists:
Pairings: M-M
Heat Level: 4
Romantic Content: 5
Ending: Click here to reveal
Character Identities: Pansexual
Protagonist 1 Age: Ageless/Immortal
Protagonist 2 Age: Ageless/Immortal
Tropes: Amnesia, Bad Breakup, Famous / Not Famous, Hurt / Comfort, Love Triangle, Opposites Attract, Second Chances, Star-Crossed Lovers
Word Count: 80000
Setting: Elysian Fields, Bali, Manhattan, Greece
Languages Available: English
Series Type: Same Universe / Various Characters
Reviews:Katie Pizzaloto on Prism Book Alliance wrote:

This was not at all the story I was anticipating based on the blurb. It was much more emotional and touched on some very hard topics. There was a depth I was not expecting and this story surpassed all my expectations. I love when an author rises above and gives me a story I will gladly read time and again.

This was not a story of a playboy god run amuk. This was not the a story about soul mates being reunited. This was not the story of the Greek Gods integrating themselves into modern times and wreaking havoc. This was not even the story of high fashion and debauchery that was promised in the blurb. No. This was a story of self discovery. This was a story of pain and emotional turmoil. This was the story of overcoming tragedy to live and love again. It tackled some really hard topics in a way that was respectful and wholeheartedly hopeful. It showed love in all its incarnations and demonstrated the need for all forms of love to overcome darkness and pain.

Eros was a great character and his development throughout the story was remarkable, but he was just a bit player in the real story. I won’t give anything away, but the true main character in this book stole my heart and his story broke it into little pieces. But his journey back to Eros and true love was so uplifting and fulfilling that my reading experience was totally worth heartache and pain.

I want to note that this story is the first in a series and the world building was so subtle that I did not notice until the end the path this series appears to be taking. It was not until the main storyline resolved itself that I realized the author had quietly given me an amazing cast of characters and a blindingly obvious way to link this series together. All of that happened so organically that it was part of the story as a whole and did not take away from Rees and Eros’s journey. Bravo, Ms. McBride. Bravo.

I will be revisiting this series when book two is released. I am so very interested in Herma’s story and can’t wait to see which other secondary characters will get a chance to shine.

About the Author

Belinda is an award-winning, top selling author of erotic romance, speculative fiction and LGBTQ romance. She lives in far Northern California with her family and a pack of Siberian Huskies.

A graduate of CSU Chico, she managed to attend the notorious party school without once getting drunk, arrested or appearing in a "Girls Gone Wild" video. Her main focus of study was classical and archival history, cultural anthropology and theatre arts.

After several years in the workforce. Belinda purchased a laptop computer and from there, knew that her childhood dream of being an author would come to life.