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The Mortician

by Ezra Dawn

Dimitri Sullivan is The Mortician at the Phantom Creek Mortuary. He’s the go to guy when it comes to preparing a body for burial. No one can do the job like he can. Even the worst of injuries don’t faze him. You name it he can fix it. He’s a miracle worker. However, when it comes to romance people tend to run from him screaming. Being a Komodo dragon shifter just doesn’t do it for them.

Mufasa “Miles” Deidrick is your average lion shifter and a closeted gay man. When his sister dies unexpectedly his parents are too distraught to make the funeral arrangements, leaving the job to him. He doesn’t expect to find his mate. Now, he’s faced with a situation he has to come to terms with. One being that his mate is a man and the other? He has to come out to his parents. Procrastination won’t help him this time instead it may only hurt him.

(Warning: Contains sexual content, Man on Man action, and explicit language not suitable for those under the age of 18.)

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“I’m sorry. This just isn’t working.”
If I had a dollar for every time I heard those words, I’d be a millionaire by now. You would think people would have the common decency to come up with a decent explanation when they break it off with you, but no. It hasn’t happened for me. They always mention my animal form. So what, I’m a Komodo dragon shifter. Apparently, my other form scares people. I know I can be a bit intimidating in either form but I’m not an asshole. It’s not like I’m going to eat them or something. That isn’t me. The tattoos probably don’t help my case either but they never mention them.
The only thing I want is a chance at a decent relationship but it seems every time I try, the other person can’t seem to get past what I am. It hurts and it sucks but I guess that’s my lot in life. I’m not holding out hope for a fated mate. It’s been years since I’ve met any fated pairs and even then they’d already been mated for years. No new pairings have surfaced in over a century. It’s a bitter pill to swallow. Especially for all the younger paranormals out there wishing for mates of their own. It hasn’t happened in a hundred years so why would it happen now? Yeah, it won’t. That sucks.
Chapter One


After being kicked out of my parents’ house at eighteen I spent most of my time travelling the world until I found a place to call home. Komodo dragons aren’t known for their parenting skills and even though we’re shifters with a human half my parents weren’t exactly loving. The adults usually raise their young until we reach an age where we can take care of ourselves. After that we’re on our own. I don’t resent my parents for it or anything. They only did what they thought was right. Besides, if they hadn’t I wouldn’t have ended up here in Phantom Creek with the close knit group of friends I have.
My friends and I all work at the Phantom Creek Mortuary. Each of us is a rare type of shifter you won’t find anywhere else. Well, everyone except Triton; he’s a god. We each have specific jobs to do. I’m the mortician. I prepare the bodies for burial. The guys say I’m a miracle worker because I can take the worst injury possible and fix it. I’ve never had a viewing where a closed casket was required. Normally, if the damage to the body is too extensive then the family will request a closed casket. Which is why I work miracles when it comes to repairing the damage. Making it so the family is able to view their loved ones.
I’ve got three to prepare today. Luckily, I don’t have to do too much repair work on them otherwise I’d be here all night. After I clock in, I change into my solid black scrubs and turn on my stereo. Can’t work in the quiet. The silence annoys me. Pulling out the first client of the day, Mr. Williams, I get to work. He died of a heart attack so I don’t have to do any repairing. Still, I have to embalm him, do his makeup, and dress him. Donning my gloves, I get to work setting up the embalming station. Truth be told, I rarely get any paranormals on my table. When I do though, they become priority as they’re one of our own. Mostly it’s just humans. I’m not complaining though, it is how I make a living.

Reviews:Amazon Customer on Amazon wrote:

This is a short story, but a good one.
Dimitri is a komodo dragon shifter. A tragic death brings him his fated mate. Mustafa is in the closet never an easy place to be when he meets Dimitri.

lucy duncan on Amazon wrote:

I enjoy Ezra Dawn books they are romantic and funny . They find each other at a bad time for Miles

Scandalous NeNe on Amazon wrote:

Got to love the new series. Don't get me wrong I love my wolf shifter stories however it is so nice to have a new shifter brought into the fold.

I'm sure there's been a few stories about Komodo dragons over the years unfortunately I've missed them. This story hit the spot. My only complaint that it was short. I would love a longer story.

The Graveyard Shift is a series of short stories revolving around characters that work in a mortuary. There isn't a drawn out villain plot it's just about a couple of guys settling down and finding love.

About the Author

Well Ezra isn't my real name obviously but I liked the name so I decided to use it. I live at home with my five dogs and one cat. I started out writing hetero romance novels but it wasn't where my heart lied. I adore all things paranormal and M/M is by far my favorite genre so I decided to start writing Paranormal Romances. There's a guaranteed happy ending with each of my books even if it may take some time for my guys to get there. I love each and every character on the page and I look forward to writing more for you. I hope you all enjoy reading them as much as I do writing them 😀