Lizzy’s Temptation

by Izzy Szyn

Lizzy Temptation - Izzy Szyn
Editions:Kindle: $ 0.99
Pages: 103

When Lizzy sneaks into an event where actress Ivory Rodgers was scheduled to appear, she gets more than she bargained for. Ivory Rodgers is hotter, sexier in person and takes Lizzy under her control.

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Pairings: FF

“You wanted me to call you? Is something wrong?” asked Lizzy, smiling when she saw Ivory’s face on the screen.
“Are you alone?”
“Yes, why?”
“Lock the door, and look in your purse,” instructed Ivory.
“My purse is still in my desk,” admitted Lizzy.
“How long is your break?” asked Ivory.
“I have about ten more minutes,” answered Lizzy.
“Not enough time,” said Ivory. “Lock the door and take off your jeans. I want you to make yourself come.”
“Here?” Lizzy started to panic, looking at the door, she saw there wasn’t a lock on it. “I can’t lock it.”
“That’s not acceptable,” commented Ivory. “We’ll have to make arrangements for your breaks. Meet me outside at lunchtime. Spencer will be waiting.”

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