The Enforcer’s Secret Vampire

(Asphalt Bay Pack Book 2)

by Ezra Dawn

The Enforcer's Secret Vampire - Ezra Dawn - Asphalt Bay Pack
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Pages: 117
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ISBN: 978-1536876055
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Pages: 158

Joshua Devine is the third son of the Alpha of Asphalt Bay. He's a bit of a loner and an outcast in his father's eyes. He wants to gain his father's approval but he isn't sure that will ever happen. So, he looks for approval elsewhere by searching for his fated mate. But, Josh has his work cut out for him since his sense of smell isn't what it should be...

Kira McAlister is a vampire musician. He travels from country to country playing in paranormal clubs and bars with his rock band. After centuries of doing the same thing he's ready to find his beloved and settle in one place. No more groupies and a local crowd are all he's looking for so when his band lands in Asphalt Bay he decides it's the perfect spot.

Will Josh find the approval he's looking for? Will Kira be able to convince Josh that they're mates? Or will it just end in tragedy?

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I wake up on the kitchen floor, there’s a pain in my shoulder and my head is throbbing. I have no idea how I ended up here. It’s like there’s a blank space in my mind where the events from last night should be. Did I have too much to drink? I don’t remember having anything at Wyatt’s club other than a soda. Was I roofied? Fuck, I have no idea. If I was roofied some asshole is going to pay. Well, once I manage to get off this floor that is, I’m sure I’ll do something about it. I mean, I would if I could remember.

My doorbell rings and I groan. I slowly pull myself up off the floor and make my way over to the door. The doorbell rings again as I unlatch the locks and swing it open. I flinch when the sunlight hits my face. Man, I must be seriously hungover. My eyes finally adjust to the light so I open my mouth to greet my brother but instead he beats me to it. What he says shocks me speechless.



          Chapter One



I live in a small town called Asphalt Bay. It isn’t much but it’s home. As the third son to the Alpha of the Asphalt Bay pack I’m kind of unimportant. My dad has zero expectations for me. He considers my three brothers his golden sons and basically puts them on a pedestal. Me on the other hand, well he couldn’t care less about me or anything I do. He’s never even told me that he was proud of me. Not even once.

I worked my ass off to become an enforcer for the pack even with my fucked up sense of smell and he still wouldn’t even acknowledge me. The only thing he’s ever really done for me is allow me to live in a loft apartment he owns in town. It would’ve been rent free but it felt too much like he was trying to get rid of me. In the end, I didn’t accept that part of the deal. I live in the apartment but pay cheap rent and all my utilities are included which is nice of course. Since, I’m not living on pack lands my wolf tends to get lonely because I’m not around other wolves as often as he’d like me to be.

I only go on pack lands to work my patrol shifts and attend pack runs. I run on my own when I need it but it isn’t the same as running with others. In order to curb the loneliness I started renting out the spare room in the loft. It provided some extra cash and some much needed company. Alas, I can’t seem to keep a roommate. It’s probably because I can’t stop myself from sleeping with them. Which blurs the lines between me as the technical landlord and them as the tenant.

I know I’m an asshole for doing it of course but, I don’t see any other way for me to find my fated mate.

Reviews:Karen Berzins on Amazon wrote:

I loved this book. It has been a great series so far. That said I was not sure how I felt about the fact that this book takes place in the same timeline as the first one but is almost separate from it because apparently the two brothers that each book is about do not cross paths much. This book starts its storyline right after Declan agrees not mate with their rival clans daughter. It then follows along about the same timeline which means that both brothers meet their fated mate at the same time. I have never read a story that worked this way. It was not a bad thing it just felt different. That said I still loved it and plan to reread it before the next one in the series comes out

About the Author

Well Ezra isn't my real name obviously but I liked the name so I decided to use it. I live at home with my five dogs and one cat. I started out writing hetero romance novels but it wasn't where my heart lied. I adore all things paranormal and M/M is by far my favorite genre so I decided to start writing Paranormal Romances. There's a guaranteed happy ending with each of my books even if it may take some time for my guys to get there. I love each and every character on the page and I look forward to writing more for you. I hope you all enjoy reading them as much as I do writing them 😀

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