Foundations of Love

A Hart's Square, Portland Business Park Prequel

by Walter Hopgood , Lisa D. Witte

Foundations of Love - Walter H. Hopgood & Lisa D. White
Part of the Hart's Square series:
  • Foundations of Love
Editions:ePub - First Edition: $ 0.99
ISBN: 978-1-7369100-0-9
Pages: 82

After being shuffled around Portland’s foster care system until he was six years old, Keelan was finally adopted into a family that taught him that above all else, tradition was the foundation for a good life. Once you had that, you could pursue your dreams. And he’s doing that, building a new business park with his long-time friend Layte.

Peter Larkins, who grew up without a mother and a father who taught him to take whatever he wanted and then move on to the next opportunity, arrived in Portland, ready for his next project, and maybe have a little fun along the way.

So when Keelan’s friend hires Peter as the project for their new venture, tensions grow. Will these two very different people butt heads? Or will they find commonality and be able to move forward, building a new foundation of love?

Foundations of Love is a prequel to Walter Hopgood and Lisa Witte’s Hart’s Square series, a Portland Business Park romance series of books.

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Shortly after the work trailer was delivered to the property, and the power and water hooked up, Keelan was busy getting everything situated. This would be his and Layte’s office for the foreseeable future, so he wanted it to be perfect for them. He didn’t mind sharing with her, but wasn’t as sure about the new project manager. The one Layte had already hired, so meeting him was just a formality.

Larkins was the last piece of a puzzle that already spanned half a dozen companies. He was arguably the most integral, since he would have to coordinate all of the sub-contractors and projects, juggling multiple priorities. Neither he nor Layte had experience at that, or aspired to learn. Larkins’s experience would perfectly complement their strengths.


A knock on the door brought him out of his thoughts, so he put a thumbtack into the plan on one of the many corkboards (the opposite wall covered in whiteboards for brainstorming), and opened the door to $nd a handsome man who looked to be in his 30s, with dark, well-styled hair, dark, soulful eyes, and lips that...


The English accent jolted Keelan out of his reverie. He waved the newcomer in, temporarily struck mute by the enchanting man walking into the trailer.

“Peter,” he said, holding out a hand. “Peter Larkins.” After a long moment where Keelan didn’t respond beyond taking his hand, Peter continued, “And you must be Keelan?”

“Keelan, yes.” He felt his face warm, and knew he was blushing. He shook his head, as if to reboot his brain. “Sorry, sorry. You caught me, uh...” But that’s all he got out, because his libido had taken over his higher functions.

“Daydreaming?” Peter offered.

Keelan shook his head as he $nally released Peter’s hand. “No, no, sorry.” He pointed to the board where the project blueprints were pinned. “Contemplating.”

“So, not at all like daydreaming,” Peter said, with a smirk.

They both smiled, and then burst out laughing. “Sorry, sorry,” Peter managed between breaths.  “I don’t mean to take the piss.” When Keelan gave him a quizzical look, he added, “Make fun. I don’t mean to make fun, as you Americans say.”

At least that made sense to Keelan.

“No problem. It’s very nice to meet you, Peter,” he said, gesturing for him to take a seat. “This is the office we’ll be working in. This is my desk, that’s Layte’s – you remember her, of course?”

“Oh, absolutely,” Peter replied. “One of the most intense interviews I’ve ever gone through.” He eased back into the chair and threw an arm over the back. “Tell me. Was she the easy one, or are you?”

Keelan, who’d just taken a sip, choked, spraying water on his new desk calendar.

“You okay there?” Peter asked, his look of concern quickly giving way to a smirk.

“Easy?” Keelan asked, as he wiped his calendar off as best he could.

“Yes,” Peter clari$ed. “Was she the easy interview? Or are you the easy one?”

Keelan wasn’t sure if this was just the divide between British customs and American ones, or if Peter Larkins was coming on to him.

“I guess you could say I’m the easier interview,” Keelan finally said. Peter’s only reply was a smile. “So, how about a tour of the property?”


About the Authors

Walter Hopgood

Walter Hopgood is a geek by trade, working in healthcare information technology by day and trying his hand at writing by night. He has been writing for years, and already has a non-fiction travel book written under his belt. While work is always crazy, writing is a pleasure that Walter undertakes whenever he can. Walter lives out in rural Oregon with his husband, Patrick, and a puppy that demands as much attention as possible.

Lisa D. Witte

Lisa is Walter Hopgood’s longtime writing partner of self-published fiction. This is her second book.

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