by T.A. Creech

Sentinel - T.A. Creech
Part of the Theosophi series:
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A fireball burning up the sky leads farmer Jason Thomas to the strangest thing he's ever found in his pumpkin patch. A man with wings. And no, he doesn't think it's an angel, no matter what his brothers say.

Taking the stranger into his home is hard. Keeping his heart from the stranger's hands? Harder. But everything in him calls to this being and Jason is so damned tired of only having his brothers at his back.

Castiel has no idea what this angel thing is, but the evil that knocked him out of the sky did him a favor. He’d heard the tales of his kin and their missions on Earth with envy and now he has the chance to experience it himself. Better yet, his mate takes him home. One small problem. Castiel has a duty and needs to find a way back. Of course it isn’t going to be that easy.

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Reviews:Ashley on Hearts on Fire wrote:

Since his mother died, Jason Thomas has been in charge of the family farm and his three younger brothers. His caring nature doesn’t stop there, however, and includes “strays” he finds on the farm. When one of those strays happens to be a winged being that he found after a fireball hit his pumpkin patch, he doesn’t hesitate to bring the unconscious man into his home. This opens his life and heart up to Castiel, who is fascinated by Earth but needs to get back to his post.

I adore this sweet little fantasy novel. This book has a delightful and well developed cast of characters, a romance with great chemistry, and a fun and cohesive plot. Told from both Jason and Catiel’s perspectives, this story also includes Jason’s brothers; Danny, Adam, and Levi. They are all likable and even in a short book they manage to be unique characters.

The story is mainly establishing the world and forming Jason and Castiel’s relationship, and outside of repelling one “demon”, Castiel mostly spends his time getting to know the Thomas’s and trying to get home. One thing I want to mention is that, while this story is about an angel, I wouldn’t categorize it as religious at all and would instead categorize it as fantasy. In fact, Castiel didn’t originally identify as an angel. Instead he says he is a “multidimensional being tasked with the protection of this world”, which I absolutely love. He has never been to Earth before and would have no reason to know human lore, in the same way he doesn’t know about food. Little details like that add a lot to the story and make the world all the fuller.

This book does have some editing errors, primarily with words being omitted at random, but I barely noticed I enjoyed the story so much. I highly recommend this book, particularly to people who love light fantasy and fluffy romance.

Shermeeka Mason on Amazon wrote:

I just finished Sentinel and I really enjoyed it. It's not just about a man falling in love with an angel, but is a romance story that is multi-layered with strong side stories. I also like the fact the reactions of every character was realistic, funny and not over the top. In fact, I found myself becoming connected to the characters and feeling their emotions, which is something I'm always looking for reading a book.

In other words, this is NOT typical romance novella because it's not just about two characters falling in love, caring about nothing else but each other. This story has elements of action, religion, drama and humor, as well as a story about a connection forming between Castiel and Jason. I highly recommend this and I look forward to reading more!

About the Author

I am a house-parent to a rambunctious small child and happily mated to an equally rambunctious military spouse. My adventures in writing began with fanfiction, and once I was hooked I never looked back.

While I've always tried to make my fanfiction unique, what I enjoy most about creating original work is the ability to delve into my stranger ideas without worrying about how I might apply them to someone else's world and characters. With my own creations, I take pride in twisting familiar tropes into something new and unexpected.

When I write, it is with the intention that my stories will leave a lasting impression. I hope you enjoy the characters and the worlds I create, and that they help you to find a place to exist, for a while, outside of your own. 

--T.A. Creech

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