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by April Kelley

Resistance - April Kelley - Roguefalls
Editions:PDF: $ 3.99 USD
ISBN: 978-1-4874-1355-2
Pages: 78

Christian Martin had been in several battles in his life, but the one he has with his mate may just be the one that brings him to his knees. 

Christian has never had a serious relationship in his life. He doesn’t plan to start with an alpha wolf shifter who thinks he can dictate what Christian is and isn’t going to do. Ward Malone might trigger every warning bell Christian has, but he also triggers every sexual fantasy. Christian wouldn’t mind giving into Ward if fun was all he wanted. Unfortunately, Ward is an all or nothing kind of guy.

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Ward felt like he walked onto another planet. The fighters dressed all in black with guns on their backs and Kevlar covering their chests. Ward wasn’t at home anymore, that was for sure. At home, there weren’t large boats or islands full of soldiers.

No, he had barns full of farm animals and open fields that needed planting.

He picked up his bag and stood, intending to move a few benches forward so he could feel a bit of the breeze.


As he drew closer, he smelled something oddly pleasant. He had to find the source of that smell.

All at once, he realized he could also smell his brother’s scent, although it was faint. It was definitely not a direct source, so Rudy wasn’t on the boat. Whoever it was had spent a lot of time with Rudy but not within the last few days. Since he knew Rudy had recently mated to a soldier, he figured Rudy’s mate was on the ferry as well.

Ward shook his head and smirk. What were the odds of that?

Ward dropped his bag on one of the benches and then came around to the front of the group.

Rudy had been on the island for a few months, and in all that time Ward hadn’t visited, so he’d never met Rudy’s mate. He knew his name was Dylan, though, as he’d talked to him on the phone once and Rudy had talked about Dylan whenever he called lately.

Ward sniffed around until he came to a well-muscled, dark-haired man with his eyes closed. The other smell that he found so enticing was very close to Dylan. Considering a blond man had his head on the other man’s shoulder, he figured the smell belonged to him.

“You smell like my brother.” Ward drew closer to them, trying to figure out why the blond man smelled so good. A whiff of something delicious smacked him in the face the closer he got, making his cock harden in his jeans.

His wolf came to the surface, and he stopped thinking after that. “Mine!”

Picking the blond man up, he pulled him away from Rudy’s mate and everyone else who stood close.

Ward held his sleeping mate against him, sniffing his hair. He kissed him on the temple. “Mate.”

His mate’s body stiffened suddenly and the next thing he knew a knee sent his balls up into his throat. His arms slid away from his mate at the same time a fist connected with his chest. The pain was so intense he doubled over and fell to the ground, cupping his injury. Ward groaned as the ache traveled through his balls to his lower stomach.


About the Author

April Kelley is an author of LGBT Romance. Her works include The Journey of Jimini Renn, which was a Rainbow Awards finalist, Whispers of Home, the Saint Lakes series, and over thirty more.

Living in Southwest Michigan, April resides with her husband and two kids. She has been an avid reader for several years. Ever since she wrote her first story at the age of ten, the characters in her head still won't stop telling their stories. If April isn't reading or writing, she can be found outside playing with the animals or taking a long walk in the woods.