The Erotic World of Adam Carpenter

by Adam Carpenter

Nocturnal Delights - Adam Carpenter
Editions:Kindle - Second Edition: $ 6.99 USD
ISBN: 978-1-02016-0541
Pages: 200
Paperback: $ 14.99 USD
ISBN: 9781641222280
Pages: 220

A collection of Adam Carpenter's hottest short fiction.

Welcome to the pleasures of the night. In these eight short stories and two novellas, you'll be taken to dizzying new heights of erotic pleasure and romantic entanglements. You'll be transported to some of the most exciting cities in the world-and even some fictional settings that you may just wish you could visit! Same for some of the characters you're about to meet, men who love-- and lust after other men. In these pages, sex may be the game but love is the prize. Don't miss PRELUDE TO A FLING, the short story that started THE EUROPEAN FLINGS QUARTET, only available in this collection.

The men in these stories are real men. They are fiercely independent, determined, and confident in expressing their passions and indulging their unquenchable desires. From hot cowboys to hotter firemen, buttoned-up city boys and country cuties, these sexy men are virile and vital, handsome and hunky, and quite often hairy. Ultimately, these men are filled with an insatiable zest for life, love, and lust. Includes the novella-length A YEARLY TRYST, featuring sexy dude ranch owner Johnny Lee Capstone.

This revised edition now includes the novella, YOU OWN ME, as well as the original piece, THE SEXIEST PACKAGE, only available in this volume.

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If you’re asking the question: have we met before? Chances are, if you’ve read a few of Adam Carpenter’s novels, the answer is….yes!
Here are some connections and characters to keep an eye out for:

Parker St. John – appears in the Wonderland trilogy, ISLAND DESIRES, The Edenwood Saga, and The Cane’s Inlet Mystery
Johnny Lee Capstone – appears in DUDE RANCH, NOCTURNAL DELIGHTS (in the novella-length A YEARLY TRYST)
Chad Singleton – appears in the The Edenwood Saga and a cameo in The Cane’s Inlet Mystery
Jimmy McSwain – appears in the Jimmy McSwain Files and is referenced in The Cane’s Inlet Mystery
Noah Sanders – appears in The Cane’s Inlet Mystery and a cameo in the Jimmy McSwain Files
Joey Silva – appears in the White Pine Firefighters, THAT PASSIONATE SEASON, and The Cane’s Inlet Mystery
Tanner Fox appears in SUMMER’S CHOICE and ISLAND DESIRES
Nick Lynch appears in SUMMER’S CHOICE and A RAGING FIRE

It’s great fun for an author to connect his universe. I hope you enjoy meeting up with familiar friends while you read the novels! Did you catch any others? Email me at


About the Author

Adam Carpenter is the best-selling author of over twenty-nine novels of gay mystery, intrigue, romance, and erotica. He loves to write series, and those include: The Jimmy McSwain Files, The Edenwood Saga, The Cane's Inlet Mystery, the European Flings Quartet, The Wonderland Scandal, and the White Pine Firefighters. He's also written four stand alone novels, though they all have connections to his various series. His short fiction has been collected in NOCTURNAL DELIGHTS. All titles are available in various formats, including print, eBook, and audio.

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