Loving Him

Hearts Intertwined Book 1

by Drea Roman

Loving Him - Drea Roman - Hearts Intertwined
Part of the Hearts Intertwined series:

A successful large sculpture artist, Black has drive, focus, and a friendly backyard squirrel to keep him company. What he doesn't have is a personal life. Memories of a life shattering disaster make him close the door on any possibilities of love and affection. But when a sweet and charming new man breezes into his life, Black faces a choice. Keep hiding from his past or face the pain and risk his soul for love again.

Aubrey Davies designs parks all over the U.S. When he lands in Oakland, his life collides with that of a gorgeous artist who fascinates and confuses him. When Black blows hot, Aubrey revels in the fire. When Black blows cold, Aubrey bleeds from the freeze. Will Aubrey's steadfast love penetrate Black's final emotional walls? Or will both men shatter their hearts on the jagged rocks of Black's past, a past he so desperately wants to hide?

Loving Him is a 100k word contemporary mm romance and the first entry in the Hearts Intertwined series. Be ready for sexy movie references, a wise and mischievous squirrel, and a sweet HEA.

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About the Author

Drea Roman is a LGBTQ romance writer specializing in mm for the moment. I have two series, one contemporary and one omegaverse. Hearts Intertwined is a contemporary mm series set in Oakland. Loving Him and Saving Him are books 1 and 2 respectively. Book 3, Protecting Him, is in the works.

The Selkie's Coat is book 1 of my omegaverse series, Waves of Fate, and features shifters and magical creatures.

I am also publishing in the Vale Valley series. Last Christmas, His Christmas Magic debuted in Dec (2019) and I will have two books in the next season.

An academic and teacher by training, I am so excited to be writing and publishing. I love interacting with my readers.

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