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Less Than a Day

Chasing Time

by April Kelley

Less Than a Day - April Kelley - Chasing Time
Editions:Kindle: $ 2.99
Pages: 83

The oberon forbids Talli from crossing worlds, so, of course, he has to do it.

The door between worlds only opens twice a year. Samhain marks one of those days, and even though he’s not supposed to go, Talli walks right through the door and into the arms of his soulmate, Laith. The meeting should be a happy one, but one disaster leads to another. Talli gets pulled between both worlds when failed crops lead to a shadowy creature, who is bent on hurting everyone who stands in its way.

About the Author

April Kelley is an author of LGBT Romance. Her works include The Journey of Jimini Renn, which was a Rainbow Awards finalist, Whispers of Home, the Saint Lakes series, and over thirty more. She is a main contributor for Once & Books. If you'd like to become a patron sign up here: