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He Doesn’t Know Jack

by Gareth Chris

He Doesn't Know Jack - Gareth Chris - Oh, Baby
Editions:ePub - First Edition: $ 4.99
ISBN: 978-1-80250-644-0
Pages: 149

Can Benjamin trust his feelings for Tate, a man who reminds him of his ex-husband? And should Tate trust Benjamin when he's hiding information that could destroy the growing love between them?

Benjamin Bailey, a New York City librarian, lives for his eleven-month-old son, Jack. But that is threatened when his lying, spiteful ex-husband Justin convinces his friend Katrina, the woman who carried their baby, that Benjamin is a neglectful father and was a cheating spouse. Katrina sues for temporary custody of Jack for every other weekend.

On the eve of the first weekend Jack is to spend with Katrina, a charming and handsome man, Tate Monroe, visits the library. Due to a misunderstanding, Tate learns Benjamin is gay and he begins to flirt with the flustered librarian. Dazzled by the magnetic stranger, Benjamin accepts a dinner invitation for the following evening. Based on Benjamin’s experience with his ex-husband, he assumes Tate is another attractive player who is interested only in fun devoid of responsibility…so he withholds the information that he is a single father.

In between sneaking check-ins on his son’s welfare, Benjamin is treated to the compliments and attention—both emotional and physical—that he’s been deprived of. Benjamin tries to fight his growing attraction to a man he feels is interested only in a quick fling, despite Tate’s actions that signal he may be feeling the same.

Publisher: Pride Publishing
Pairings: M-M
Heat Level: 4
Romantic Content: 4
Ending: Click here to reveal
Character Identities: Gay
Protagonist 1 Age: 26-35
Protagonist 2 Age: 26-35
Tropes: Bad Breakup, Families/Raising Kids, Hurt / Comfort, Meet Cute, Opposites Attract, Secret Baby, Second Chances
Word Count: 38,616
Setting: New York City
Languages Available: English

Tate had just a hint of a smile when he gently grasped the back of my neck so he could pull my lips to his. I liked it when I had to tilt my head up to kiss a man. For me, there was something sexy about my partner being taller and stronger than me.

He slid his hand from the back of my neck to my jaw and cheek, caressing them as his lips lingered on mine. Tate didn’t push for me to deepen the kiss, instead pulling back while rubbing his thumb over the corner of my mouth.

I opened my eyes. He was looking at me in a sweet way. I cleared my throat and pushed my glasses up again. “Uh, that was…I should lock up.”

Tate chuckled. “Yes, it was. And yes, you should.” He palmed the side of my face and smiled. “See you tomorrow night, book-boy.”


I nodded and watched him turn to leave the building. Even the way he walked was sexy. His stride was like a confident athlete’s leaving a ball field after a resounding win. My gaze didn’t leave him until he was out of the door and he had passed the front windows on his way to wherever he was heading.

“[bleep],” I whispered. “With all that’s going on, I so don’t need you right now.” Then I thought about it more. “But I so need you right now.”


Book is part of a Pride Publishing collection called "Oh, Baby!" - however, this book is available for purchase as a standalone novel.

About the Author

Gareth Chris is the author of the forthcoming 'All on the Line' series, where heroes you'll root for risk everything for love. He has a passion for storytelling and creating compelling characters that find romance in the most difficult situations. His unique writing style and ability to craft stories that are simultaneously suspenseful, humorous, and sexy will have you hooked.
Gareth brings to his writing several years of experience in executive positions with international corporations, mostly in the areas of Communications (leveraging his bachelor's degree in English) and Human Resources (capitalizing on his abilities to forge productive relationships and appreciation for diversity). When he's not at his keyboard or enjoying nature in his native New England part of the United States, he volunteers for various organizations that assist the disadvantaged.
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