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by Sessha Batto

Sessha Batto
Part of the Shinobi Saga series:
Editions:Kindle: $ 1.99
Pages: 65

Duty and honor-bound, Yoshi draws on years of training to fulfill his clan’s expectations and obligations, suppressing emotions to safeguard and protect both himself and those he’s sworn to serve.

His current assignment is to the Shuhan of Mochizuki who deems that training unsuitable and launches Yoshi into the world of women, of the fabled Geisha, to learn the grace and skills his master desires. Pain Yoshi understood, humiliation was something else entirely.

And his keeper, Zenshiro, decides that while Geisha training is all well and good, the matter of seduction would be handled in a different fashion.

Keeping up the masquerade might be the biggest challenge Yoshi has ever faced.

Geisha is transgressive M/M literary fiction. It utilizes adult language and adult situations. It depicts violence, explicit sex and disturbing scenes/images. If you are offended by male/male eroticism, sexual situations, depiction of BDSM elements, and strong language you might not enjoy this work.


About the Author

Sword wielding Buddhist writer of transgressive homoerotic fiction