by Jocelynn Drake , Rinda Elliott

Ian Pierce is the chef and part owner of the hottest restaurant in Cincinnati, his chosen family is full of happy relationships, and the scruffy, snarky cop who has been haunting his dreams is one step closer to being in his bed. But everything comes crashing down when the past he narrowly escaped nine years ago comes to a deadly head.

Hollis Banner was enamored of Ian at first sight. He’s kept his distance, knowing the gorgeous, self-confident man is out of his league. Yet there’s no standing aside when Boris Jagger escapes a raid. Jagger’s world has been nearly destroyed and this time, the crime boss is coming after Ian and his friends personally.

Hollis will do whatever it takes to keep Ian safe as they escape to a safe house with a couple of Ian’s overprotective friends. And Ian finds himself in a race to unlock painful memories—memories containing information that could take down the very last of Jagger’s illegal operations forever.

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Publisher: Independently Published
Cover Artists:
Pairings: M-M
Heat Level: 5
Romantic Content: 4
Ending: Click here to reveal
Character Identities: Gay
Protagonist 1 Age: 26-35
Protagonist 2 Age: 26-35
Tropes: Alpha Character, Big Character / Little Character, Bodyguard/Guardian Angel, Criminals & Outlaws, Hurt / Comfort, Slow Burning Love
Word Count: 98000
Setting: USA, Ohio, Cincinnati
Languages Available: English
Series Type: Same Universe / Various Characters
Reviews:Parvathy on wrote:

5+ Stars

Devour is the last book in the Unbreakable Bonds series and is about Ian and Hollis. This book ties up the series perfectly and is filled with heart throbbing moments and heart warming emotions. Reading other books in the series is required to understand the story.

Ian and Hollis is familiar to all who have read the series and this book focus on them and how they finally take the step towards each other and find their happily ever after. All those who have read the series knows Ian as the man who is the glue that holds Lucas, Snow and Rowe together. This book shows the depth of Ian and his past and what he had to go through and what he had to overcome to reach where he was. My heart broke for Ian. What he had to go through was nothing short of heart breaking. But I loved that he found Hollis. Hollis is just amazing. He is understanding, patient and the kind of man Ian needs. Ian and Hollis and their love story captured my heart. Ian is such a strong person that the depth of his strength and courage is astounding. I loved that he was having so many layers than what I had expected. Hollis is equally amazing. His love for Ian and his unwavering support and acceptance of him, was heart warming. Their love story and the way authors gave them their happily ever after made this book truly special. Lucas, Andrei, Snow, Jude, Rowe and Noah plays an equally important part in this story and reading about them made me fall in love more. The bond shared by Lucas, Snow, Rowe and Ian plays an important part in the book and now their bond is enriched by their respective partners. I love this book because it celebrates the friendship/brotherhood of the four men and nothing gives more pleasure than reading about it.

There is action and suspense in this book like the previous books and also the conclusion of the story arc that started in Shiver. The ending is heart throbbing and all the loose ends are tied up in this book.

Devour is the beautifully and emotionally crafted conclusion to the Unbreakable Bonds Series. The book will take you on a journey that is gut wrenching, heart throbbing and soul stirring. You will fall in love with them all. Highly Recommended.

Steven on wrote:

Family. The entire Unbreakable Bonds series centers on the notion of family. What constitutes family? How far will you go to protect family? Family is paramount.

Be advised that this series should be read in order as there's a single overriding arc with a defined beginning, middle, and end with Devour being the end - at least it's the end of these people as the primary focus. We've been told that there is a spin-off series centered around Ward Security, and if you've read the blurb found in this book for the first installment of this new series, you know that the wishes of a number of fans have just been answered - myself included.

On to more pressing matters: Devour. Throughout the series the writers have tackled incredibly dark issues. Without going into details (i.e.: spoilers), suffice to say they tackle a range of sexual, physical, and psychological abuses. But the authors - yes, these books were written by a formidable team of two - handled these with a just and delicate hand. Issues were treated with the respect and care needed. But the reader should never forget that these are works of fiction. Incredibly engaging fiction.

There is action and violence and death laced throughout the book (and the series as a whole), but there's also a great deal of quietness that wasn't as prevalent in the previous books. But even in the lower keyed moments there's still an energy flowing. A kinetic charge that runs through the entire book all the way to a sweet ending that, by the way, allows the authors to continue the development of this series through short stories and novellas (Wedding? Kids? Honeymoons? Cats? Dogs? New jobs?).

This is perfect closing for this portion of the main Unbreakable Bonds series. Justice is served. Love is found. Food is cooked. Boots are knocked. And in the end the question of family is answered. Love. Joyous, contented, quiet love.

Five stars and I recommend the entire series - including the collections of shorts.

About the Authors

Jocelynn Drake

New York Times Bestselling author Jocelynn Drake loves a good story, whether she is reading it or writing one of her own. Over the years, her stories have allowed her to explore space, talk to dragons, dodge bullets with assassins, hang with vampires, and fall in love again and again.

This former Kentucky girl has moved up, down, and across the U.S. with her husband. Recently, they’ve settled near the Rockies.

When she is not hammering away at her keyboard or curled up with a book, she can be found cuddling her cat Demona, walking her dog Ace, or playing video games. She loves Bruce Wayne, Ezio Auditore, travel, tattoos, explosions, and fast cars.

She is the author of the urban fantasy series: The Dark Days series and the Asylum Tales. She has just completed a gay romantic suspense series called The Exit Strategy about two assassins falling in love and trying to create a life together. Her newest project returns to her vampire roots with a new MM paranormal romance series, Lords of Discord. She also co-authors the Unbreakable Bonds, Ward Security, Pineapple Grove, and Weavers Circle series with Rinda Elliott.

Rinda Elliott

I love unusual stories and credit growing up in a family of curious life-lovers who moved all over the country. Books and movies full of fantasy, science fiction and romance kept me amused, especially in some of the stranger places. For years, I tried to separate my darker side with my humorous and romantic one. I published short fiction, but things really started happening when I gave in and mixed it up. When not lost in fiction, I love making wine, collecting music, gaming and spending time with my husband and two children. I write in many genres, always with a love story in the mix. Those love stories can be M/F, M/M, or M/M/F. I tend to read more M/M than anything else and am mostly writing that these days. I also co-author MM romantic suspense with Jocelynn Drake.