Dangerous Games

Games of the Heart - Book 1

by Claire Thompson

Dangerous Games - Claire Thompson - Games of the Heart
Editions:Kindle: $ 3.99 USD
ISBN: 1089905246
Pages: 220

When you play dirty games, the stakes are dangerously high …

Reese Armstrong is striving to get his life on track. He has started a new career, gotten a new apartment…now he has to figure out how to shake the guy who insists on controlling his every move. For years, Reese took part in the deviant bets orchestrated by his wealthy lover, Hank. He’s told himself he’s done with all that, but the terms of this latest bet are more than Reese can refuse.

As head computer programmer at a software company, Luca Hartman’s professional life is soaring. But his personal life is a lonely mess. When the hot new sales guy takes an interest in him, a world of possibility opens. But Luca’s been burned before, and he’s wary of the sudden attention. Why would Reese, who could have any man he wants, choose geeky, stuttering Luca? Is he truly sincere or should Luca be on the lookout for a string of malicious code?

Disarmed and enchanted by the shy, brilliant Luca, Reese has to make a choice: reject Hank’s dirty tactics or follow through and destroy the potential he sees with Luca. But even if Reese wants to be done with their dangerous games, Hank’s not through with him…

This is Book 1 of the Games of the Heart M/M series. It is a stand-alone novel with no cliffhangers. Be sure to check out Book 2 – coming soon Turning the Tables.

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Once they were settled in the backseat of Hank’s Mercedes, Hank said, “We haven’t made a good bet in a while. I’m in the mood for something nasty.”

Reese responded more out of habit than interest. “Oh yeah? What’s in it for me?”

Hank appraised Reese, lifting the corner of his mouth in a sardonic smile. “What’s always in it for you? The power of the conquest. The knowledge you can get any guy you set your sights on. Not to mention, serving me in a way that pleases me, boy.” He let that linger for a while, fixing his dark, sexy gaze on Reese. When Reese didn’t reply, he added, “Oh, and of course, I’ll make the pot sweet.”

Though he knew better, Reese couldn’t resist asking, “How sweet?”

“Depends what we come up with. It’s been a while. You need a challenge.”


It was a game they had played for years. It turned Hank on to watch Reese seduce other men, not because he cared for them, but because he could. It was understood between them that Reese was always the one to make the play. It was beneath Hank, in a twisted way. He controlled the strings and Reese danced to his tune. That was the real crux of the matter—power.

For years, Reese had gone along, caught in the net of obligation, debt and desire that had formed the framework of their relationship these many years. He couldn’t deny that their sex was infused with an added intensity after he had hunted and captured his query for Hank’s cold amusement.

But Reese had grown tired of the game. The glitter of seducing and then discarding guys, just because he could, had tarnished. What used to be a grand adventure now seemed like a mean game to play on some unsuspecting guy. Reese didn’t like who he’d become under Hank’s wing. He was trying to make something new—something that didn’t include, or at least wasn’t controlled by this man who had been the one constant in his life over the past twelve years.

He glanced at Hank, who was regarding him from beneath those thick lashes, his sensual, cruel mouth pursed as he waited for Reese’s inevitable capitulation. As always, Reese was drawn to the magnetic power of Hank’s gaze. In spite of himself, Reese’s body responded to the pheromones that still whizzed between them, his damn cock hardening in his pants.

He forced himself to look away. “Count me out on this one, Hank. I’m getting too old for that shit.”

Hank threw back his head and laughed. “Twenty-nine is too old to get someone into bed? Last I checked, you were in perfect working order, my friend.” He squeezed Reese’s thigh with thick, blunt fingers, his hand edging toward Reese’s now bulging crotch.

Annoyed with both Hank and himself, Reese pulled away.

“Come on,” Hank urged, his tone almost wheedling. “Don’t play coy with me. Don’t forget, I know you. I’m the only one who really knows you, Reese.”

Reese said nothing to this. He stared resolutely out the window.

“Okay, okay,” Hank said, as if giving in to a bargain Reese hadn’t been trying to strike. “I’m feeling expansive. How does ten thousand bucks sound?”

Reviews:Chelle on Amazon wrote:

FIVE STARS - You can not help but fall in love with Luca......Reese and Hank have a "game" they played in the past to spice up their relationship and to keep Hank happy... Luca is a target of this game, will he fall all the way into victim mode at the hands of Reese...? You will have to read and see...
This book has plenty of twists and turns to keep you flipping page after page not wanting to put it down. It has some hot scenes in it, and pulls you in from the first chapter. I cant wait to read book 2!

T. on Amazon wrote:

FIVE STARS - Loved Dangerous Games. The geek-turned Dom love story with the hunk. Reese’s ex is a douche, I hope he gets what is coming to him! I loved the romance initially, then their exploration of BDSM. Mix in some steamy sexy times. M/M. Highly recommend. Standalone. HEA

About the Author

Claire has been writing for over two decades and has published over 70 novels, focusing on BDSM romance. She has received numerous awards for her bestselling work, including the Golden Flogger BDSM Novel of the Year (2017) and the NLA-Int’l Pauline Réage Award for best BDSM fiction (2010).

Claire’s M/M stories are available on Amazon, both as individual novels and collected works in box sets. Whether you crave sweet vanilla or spicy BDSM, Claire always delivers, with a cherry on the top.

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