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Romantic Renovations

by Blake Allwood

Romantic Renovations - Blake Allwood
Editions:Kindle: $ 3.49
Pages: 233

Bennett Jackson's life abruptly changes when he inherits a massive real estate portfolio and is given his own home improvement show to feature the rehab of the properties. When this surprising success is jeopardized by an unscrupulous costar, his world begins to crumble until coming face to face with his new costar, the muscle bound and ridiculously handsome Leslie Cooper.

Just as things are heating up between Les and Bennett, Bennett's abusive past emerges. But this time, it puts both their lives in jeopardy

Will Bennett’s will to survive, and Les’s inner strength be enough to keep them alive and save their fragile relationship?

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We went out almost every night that week and even on the weekend enjoying each other’s company. He escorted me home every night, but besides the intensely erotic kisses, he never pushed for more. We were really courting, like from the old days. And although I couldn’t wait until I had those big, rough work hands of his on my body, I really was enjoying the feeling of being dated.

It made me feel...special somehow. Like I mattered more than a quick fuck. Not that I minded quick fucks… I’ve had plenty of them and they were intensely satisfying when you needed a quick release, but they were nothing compared to a man showing you attention and affection.


The night before Les’ parents were scheduled to show up, we were both dirty and tired after a particularly tough day on the project. Two crew members screwed up some of the finish work, which was time-consuming and costly to replace. One of the filming crew ignored the safety rules and fell off a ladder, spraining his ankle.

We planned to go out to dinner together, but fuck if that was going to happen. I ended up leaving early to pick up a six-pack and ordered a pizza on my way back, intending to just hang out at the job site after the crews left.

Les met me at the door. He was clearly about to head home.

“I thought you’d left, not that I could blame you after a day like this one.” he chuckled.

“No, I went to get us beer and ordered a pizza. I thought we could just hang out and overcome the shit day together.”

Les dropped his tool belt onto the porch and pulled me into an embrace.

“You know how to treat a guy,” he said and kissed me deep and hard.

I purred in his embrace.

We were about to take it further when the pizza guy showed up.

I paid and as the guy left, we collapsed on the porch, not unlike the first night we met and ate.

I leaned into Les and just enjoyed letting his solid ruggedly handsome frame support me.

We chatted about the day and what Emmitt’s plans were for holding the filming crew accountable so we could avoid future injuries. When Les fell silent, I turned toward him curious why he’d gotten quiet. He was staring into the distance.

“What’s on your mind?” I asked and he turned toward me.

“It’s just amazing to me how different you are from my last costar.”

“You mean I’m not a bitch from hell?”

Les chuckled. “You are the opposite of that, but you think more about me and the crew’s well-being. Diane only cared about herself. I can honestly say I’m now enjoying working in a way I never thought possible.”

I smiled. “That makes me happy. I don’t know that I’m doing other than just rolling with the punches usually, but I am enjoying it too. Besides, I get to kiss on the star at night. Diana never got to do that.”

Les made a gagging noise and I laughed. “No, that was never in the cards.”

“Well, maybe if you’d kissed on her a little, she’d have been nicer.”

Les began to tickle me. I jumped up because I always hated to be tickled but he got a naughty look on his face. “You’re ticklish?”

“Oh no, seriously Les, no tickling. I take the Diane comments back, just no tickling.”

Les chased me into the house and when he caught me, we were both laughing hysterically.

I turned in his arms and was going to say something when our eyes met. When he leaned down to kiss me this time, it was all heat and passion.

I began undoing his shirt so I could get better access to his broad shoulders. I’d fantasized for a long time what it’d be like to feel his skin exposed to my touch.

Les reached behind him and pulled his shirt off before I had undone all the buttons. I chuckled. “Eager?”

“You have no idea,” he said in a rough voice.

I kissed his nipples and then let my tongue glide over them, enjoying the taste of him.

A day’s work hadn’t taken the smell of soap off him, and that scent mixed with his natural musky odor. Everything about Les sent me into a sexual frenzy, including his unique scent.


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About the Author

Blake Allwood was born in Tennessee, then moved to Kansas City MO after attending college in Lamoni, Iowa. He met his husband in 1995 and officially married in 2015, once gay marriage was legalized. In 2017, he and his husband sold their home, purchased an RV and began traveling the country with their two dogs, Buddy and Denver. Their travels provide the inspiration and settings for many of his novels.

Aiden Inspired (Apr 2019) is his first published novel, featuring two unique characters from New York and Washington State who meet and develop an unlikely bond. His second novel, Suzie Empowered (Feb 2020), is a followup featuring Aiden's sister Suzie as she overcomes her fear of relationships with straight men due to a sexual assault in high school. In March, Blake will return to gay romance with his release of Bobby Transformed and plans to release a new gay romance each month for the remainder of 2020.