Burns! Box Set 1

Burns! Mysteries 1-4

by Erin O'Quinn

M/M erotica wrapped in mystery

Thomas Fitzgerald is a blond, blue-eyed undercover detective for Police Scotland. Running from a shadowed past in his native Ireland, he meets another man who is running. The man named Burns—dark and sensuous, and secretive to a fault— is doing his best to escape the law.

What happens when these two men come together? In the space of six novellas and one novel, Thomas and Burns experience lust and love, crime and punishment as they swivel from the edge of death to the verge of ecstasy. And back again.

In this first box set, you will find these four unique novellas:

BURNS TOO DEEP: An undercover cop encounters a very desirable man who’s running from the law.

THE DUNDEE LAW: The men step far too close to a shallow grave, on an ancient burial mound in Dundee.

RED, RED ROSE: Under the roof in a gabled Victorian house in Edinburgh lie old crimes and new desires.

THE DEVIL IN FALKIRK: The men spiral apart, felled by the devil of distrust and misunderstanding. (former title A Kilted Christmas)

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Publisher: New Dawn Press
Cover Artists:
Pairings: M-M
Heat Level: 5
Romantic Content: 5
Ending: Click here to reveal
Character Identities: Gay
Protagonist 1 Age: 18-25
Protagonist 2 Age: 26-35
Tropes: Alpha Character, Criminals & Outlaws, Healing Power of Sex, Opposites Attract
Word Count: 82237
Setting: Scotland: Dundee, Edinburgh, Falkirk
Languages Available: English
Series Type: Continuous / Same Characters

From Burns Too Deep, Chapter Six: "The Harp"

Still lying almost rigid, watching patterns on the stuccoed ceiling, Thomas felt the man’s breath on his stomach and heard the soft growl of his corduroy trousers being unzipped. He let Burns ease them down to his thighs. Try as he might, he could not move away, even an inch, from the sudden wet heat trapping the head of his cock against his belly, then traveling, unhurried, down its length and onto his balls.

“Oh, God. I can’t—”


His next words seemed be be gargled in gobs of spit, cried out in syllables even he couldn’t understand, crooned and moaned in synch with Burns’ leisurely tongue. Slow fingers began their work, two or three scissoring his ass, others slipping from ridge to slit, trailing the slick precum down the shaft, over the balls, across the taint. Slow, nimble, knowing… he tongue, the fingers, playing him like a bloody instrument. His answering song and the groundswell of pleasure became one long howl of ecstasy.

And then a vise grip on his scrotum, the cum straining and screaming to burst, yet being held back… Burns’ mouth left his cock and worked its way back up his chest, over his nipples, into the hollow of his throat.

He’d gone too bloody long without a man. Bitter over David’s withdrawal and eventual escape, he rarely bothered to fist himself these days, except in the mornings just to take a piss. Burns’ hands and mouth scalded his flesh. He found himself gasping to draw a breath.
Burns spoke into his mouth. “Thomas Fitzgerald. I love the taste of ye.”

In answer, Thomas seized his tongue and began to suckle, winding his legs around the man’s naked hips, his own thighs rising and falling on the surface of the bed, his heavy flesh jammed tight into Burns’ impossibly large cock. Burns’ fingers had slipped from the join of his prick and balls, allowing more and more precum to become a wellspring of blessed release. Thomas could feel his cock become coated with it, dripping, sobbing for the final explosion.

He cupped the man’s downy chin and began to feast on his moving lips, licking and biting, jamming and probing as deep as he could. In and out, faster and faster, his tongue spoke the ageless rhythm of unsated passion.

When he spoke, his words seem choked, rammed and tongued into Burns’ hot mouth. “I … need… Now.”

“Lie on your belly. I need you too.”

Thomas had admitted only a few lovers into his life, by choice. And with each of them, he’d seized the role of aggressor. He’d always considered himself a natural top. The feel of anything wider than one finger in his ass was foreign to him. And yet, from the moment he’d sensed Burns’ interest, he’d opened his heart and his thighs and his asshole to accept him—ah, bloody hell, to welcome him.
His entire body shuddering in tempo with his ragged breath, Thomas unwrapped his legs and threw himself stomach-down on the bed’s surface. He felt his bed companion’s weight ride his back, then the slick heat of his tongue and the soft burr in his ear.

“Thomas Fitzgerald. A fucking melody of flesh and bone and man and little boy. Let me sing to your beautiful ass. Open for me. Please.”

No man had ever devoted himself to his buttocks. But Burns was not a normal man. He seemed more a storm god, a devil poet, a weaver of dreams. Thomas felt a scalding tongue slide down his spine, linger under the tailbone and move down his crack, while his hands gently forced his thighs and butt cheeks apart…wide, wider, until he was splayed and shaking, crying in greed and need.

Reviews:Passionate Reads on Amazon wrote:

One word comes to mind when I think about my reaction to Erin O'Quinn's newly released novella, Burns Too Deep. SPELLBOUND. (adj.) "to be bound by, or as if bound by a spell; enchanted, entranced, or fascinated." It's an adjective I rarely use, generally reserved for only the best fiction in literature or film. But it fits this short book to a T.

Erin O'Quinn packs so much power into so few words; her passion for the places and the people she writes about leaps off the page. She has a remarkable talent for character development; she takes complex, deep characters and, using vivid imagery, descriptions and dialogue, delivers them straight to the reader's heart. The remarkably strong, yet mysteriously fragile principal characters in this novella - Thomas Fitzgerald and "Burns" (no first name yet!) - are as intriguing and enigmatic as they are masculine and silent. I wasn't ready for the end. I even messaged Erin and begged for a clue...to no avail. All I can say is that there is one cliffhanger that will set your imagination on fire and make you beg for the sequel (currently in progress).

Find out for yourself. One-click the beginning of what promises to be an utterly captivating story right now.

"Bo" on Amazon wrote:

What can be so spectacular about a novella [The Dundee Law] which brings back two of the most exciting characters to spill out of the wicked mind of Erin O'Quinn? Well, the bedroom scenes, for one, but more than that it's the way she manages to get Thomas Fitzgerald and "Bobbie"" Burns to epitomize her unique style: All of her male couples in all of her books are distinct personalities of, and in keeping with, their completely unique personalities and the times in which they live.

How can it be so haunting? Well she turns a lucky investigative break for Irish-born Scottish policeman Thomas into what appears to be a quickly-solved puzzle by the man whom he cannot stay away from or keep from comparing to Robert Burns--even if he knows virtually nothing about that poet and national hero. But that puzzle is complicated by history, tradition, and violence which...well, no spoilers here!

I read this book on the plane coming back from a Caribbean vacation, and it took me only an hour or so. But that was yesterday. Today I am still haunted by the beauty of Ms. O'Quinn's words, the love songs Thomas and Burns wrap each other in (without speaking a word), and the feeling, hopefully, that these two will not go quietly into that starry night.

These men deserve all the love they can get, and I doubt if you will spare them any once you've smiled, and perhaps cried, your way though. Bravo!

"Greebo" on Amazon wrote:

Every once in awhile, a book/series comes along, and the characters work their way into your head and your heart, and they grab hold and refuse to let go. Thomas Fitzgerald and Burns (just Burns, although Thomas refers to him has "His Bobbie Burns") are two of those characters. I honestly can't tell you now much I love these men, especially Thomas. Ms. O'Quinn made them perfect...absolutely perfect. I wish I could tell you exactly how much they have touched me. They take my breath away. Their powerful love for one another is so palpable and so...beautiful. I'm sure there are a lot of other words that can describe it, but I'm at a loss.

I don't want to give you any spoilers. "Red, Red Rose", and the previous novellas in the "Burns-Fitzgerald Mysteries" series are to be savored...slowly...so you can absorb every nuance. They're pure poetry, but they're also exciting, and oh, so sexy. Gay romance is my genre of choice, but I like my men to be of a certain type. I want them to be strong, smart, and masculine. I want them to love deeply even as they crash together, tongues and teeth gnashing, an erotic wrestling match of sorts, and I want to hear them whisper filthy, yet tender, words to each other. Thomas and Burns give me everything I want and much, much more.

All three books tell the tale of our men meeting, falling in love, learning about each other, and even solving a mystery or two. It may feel like everything happened quickly, and in a sense it did, but it wasn't a breakneck speed, and it felt very natural. Sometimes, you know you've met THE ONE, and they certainly are each other's ONE. Watching them fall for each other, long for each other, and then finally just BE together was a joy. Yes, there was angst and some obstacles, but it's a given that they belong together. They know this, and they make it work.

Please, please, please read this series. It will move you, I guarantee it. Thomas and Burns are men who will touch your soul. I should add a plea to Erin O'Quinn...give us a sequel or two. The world needs more of these men.

"Bo" on Amazon wrote:

In this splendid less-than-an-hour read [The Devil in Falkirk, formerly A Kilted Christmas], Erin O'Quinn takes two of her most enigmatic (and sexiest) characters away from their home turfs in an attempt to finally bring them together forever.

Of course, Irish-born Scottish police detective Thomas Fitzgerald and Edinburgh-ensconced scholar, historian and folklore expert "Bobbie" Burns once again have minds of their own, which Ms. O'Quinn quickly sets about to reveal, twist, shape, and nurture. We should all be so lucky.

Without tossing out the details, let's just say that on neutral ground, where both of these men conspired to meet one another without the other knowing in advance, the explosion of passion and the chill of deception combine to solve a mystery, soothe a kilt-clinging client, and drive Thomas and Bobbie over-the-edge, twice, in opposite directions.

At the end what we are left with is a breathtaking finale which leaves only one question unanswered: "What is your first name, anyway?"

I smiled, I cried (happy tears). An extraordinary short holiday tale that reads the year-round, and without question one of the best finales to a series of short novels I have ever read.

Because this volume is a box set of four novellas, I have listed a review for each book. Readers should know, they can buy each novella separately. The set gives a 64% savings.


About the Author

Erin O'Quinn was born almost literally on the side of a mountain in Nevada and was hauled kicking and screaming into the nearest town, fifty miles away, to attend first grade. To this day, she claims to be kindergarten-deprived.

O'Quinn earned a few degrees from the University of So. California, but her real education began on the back docks of the Las Vegas (NV) Review-Journal newspaper; on the good-old-boy car lots in Abilene, TX where she sold new Chryslers and used cars; and in a big-box store in Austin, TX where she alternately hauled pallets and ran a garden center.

You'll find a lot of action-adventure, and a character-centered, plot-centered group of seven series and a few stand-alones

Of 46 published works for adults, 33 (I think) are in the gay lit (M/M) genre. From the Noble Dimensions series (small town/contemporary) to Old World Ireland, Jacobite-era  and modern Scotland; and back to the retro world of Ireland in the Roaring 20s, she says, "My men, and my settings, are no-frills, no hearts and flowers. But I think a certain nobility and even spiritual element often creep in among the honest sexual feelings."

Any reviews you see are unsolicited, and are always welcome.

Settle back, enjoy what Erin O'Quinn calls "literotica with a flare for the unusual...thoughtful and plotful...men with passions too big for their britches."

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