The Devil in Falkirk

by Erin O'Quinn

The Devil in Falkirk - Erin O'Quinn - Burns Mystery
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ISBN: 9781311177162

The holdays are too damn close to pull a cop away from duty.

For a hard-nosed undercover cop, love is a rare treasure to bring out when he can, to polish off, and to tuck away for a time when he’s not tracking the bad guys. But the enigmatic, sultry Burns is not a man to wait until Thomas has a day off.

It’s all about kilts and commitment for detective sergeant Thomas Fitzgerald and his lover, the mysterious scholar Burns. Meeting in a place of monster horses, the men track down a lawbreaker while taking their love affair to a new level.

Can these men’s love survive the physical distance—and the more subtle, more challenging differences—between the two of them? It’s a matter of clashes and kilts, as a cop and a scholar collide in a storm of distrust...and then spiral apart, felled by the devil of misunderstanding.

Publisher: New Dawn Press
Cover Artists:
Pairings: M-M
Heat Level: 5
Romantic Content: 4
Ending: Click here to reveal
Character Identities: Gay
Protagonist 1 Age: 18-25
Protagonist 2 Age: 26-35
Tropes: Alpha Character, Fated Mates / Soul Mates, Healing Power of Sex, Love Can Heal / Redemption, Opposites Attract, Reunited and it Feels So Good, Uncommunicative Masculinity
Word Count: 14693
Setting: Falkirk, Scotland
Languages Available: English
Series Type: Continuous / Same Characters

From Chapter 4, "The Measure of a Man"


“First, lad, put your kilt in the wardrobe, if you brought it. And then we have serious business to take care of.”

He took his carryall to the closet, a kind of freestanding wardrobe, and arranged his Fitzgerald clan tartan over a wooden hanger. He saw another tartan in the far corner…an unfamiliar color and sett…but averted his eyes, wanting to be surprised. 

Burns seized his hand and pulled him a few meters, until they were standing at the foot of the bed. “Right now, I want us to try each other on for size. See whether I’ve shrunk, or you’ve grown.”

Thomas smiled. “You? Shrink? Not in an arctic blizzard.”

Burns stood very close, and Thomas felt his long fingers move on the button above his fly. “Then ’tis time to take your measure. Stand very still. I promise this will not hurt.”


Burns’ words and tone of voice had always masqueraded as a powerful aphrodisiac. Since the first time months ago they’d sat together sipping whiskey at a nondescript table in a forgettable roadside inn, the man’s poetry had played pied piper to his willing body. It had started with words murmured in his ear, and from that moment on he remembered mostly one long spasm of alternating ache and pleasure as he and Burns deepened their relationship over the following weeks and months.

He stood, rigid as his own dick, while Burns unzipped the fly and allowed his excitement to burst into the open.

“I think it’s grown, Thomas. Should I check?”

Unskilled in sex games, he could only moan his consent, and then his rising ecstasy, a visceral response to the man’s hot hands cradling his balls and his mouth harboring his cock. 

Burns knelt in front of him while Thomas stroked the long silk of his lover’s hair, arced his ass, crooned his agreement. No, it did not hurt at all…even when the man’s long fingers pried open the bud of his asshole and thrust in tempo with his suckling mouth.

But he wanted to taste Burns, the same way his lover was feasting on him. Dropping his hands from his soft hair to knead his shoulders, he managed to gasp out words between groans.

“Burns, stop. Let me—”

Lifting his storm-chased eyes to look at him, Burns did not ease the strokes of his fingers. “I need to pleasure you, Thomas. I deeply need you to come in my mouth. So just stand still and let me love you.”

“And…and what then?”

“And then you may take me to heaven, any way you see fit.” 

Thomas stepped out of the puddle of cotton trousers on the carpet and seized Burns’ head again. He was shaking, on the verge of spitting cum into sweet forever.

“Then do it. Suck me. Tongue my ass. Eat my balls and spit them out.”

“I thought you’d never ask, my darling sexy Thomas. Do not fucking move.”

He stood with his feet wide apart, allowing Burns to crawl between his legs and suck his testicles into his mouth, then release them in globs of saliva. The long tongue was next, flicking and lapping his crack before finding haven in the now-unfurled bud of his asshole, while his talented fingers spread his cheeks and brushed the cleavage with his fingernails. Pain, lust, need, joy…all combined into an explosion as soon as Burns pushed his weeping prick back into his mouth and seemed to swallow every centimeter.

He felt the ejaculate shoot from his balls and, unrepentant, he kept fucking Burns’ mouth while the man sucked him dry. Then he collapsed on the bed, taking his lover with him, winding his legs around the man’s narrow hips, licking and jabbing his mouth.

Reviews:"Greebo" on Amazon wrote:


I want to be eloquent here. I want to write beautiful and pure prose, but Ms. O'Quinn has that covered. In fact, her words are pure poetry in the form of a novella.

There are so many things about "The Devil in Falkirk" [formerly "A Kilted Christmas"] I want to tell you about. I'd love to give away every single, exquisite detail because I feel like the whole world needs to know about Thomas Fitzgerald and Burns (just Burns, thank you very much). I fell in love with both men in "Burns Too Deep", and that love only grew as I went further and further into the rabbit hole.

To me, these men are, strong, masculine, and oh so sexy. They also love each other with a passion that takes my breath away. When I'm reading about Thomas and Burns, I find myself going back over passages simply because I don't want to part with them just yet. In fact, I've read this story three times already. I just can't get enough.

As I said, I'd love to give everything away, but I can't. I don't want to ruin this sublime tale for you. In a review of another Burns/Fitzgerald story, I said these men need to be savored, and I still mean that. Erin O'Quinn has written two men who will climb into your heart and stay forever. They actually come to me in my dreams. There are times when I sit at my desk, staring off into space, and I'll think about what my men are doing at that very moment. If that makes me seem a little crazy, then so be it.

Please, take some time out of your busy life and meet with Thomas and Burns. Start with "Burns Too Deep". Move into "The Dundee Law", then "Red, Red Rose". Finally, settle in a favorite chair with a cup of coffee or a glass of wine, and open "The Devil in Falkirk." The men will enchant you and make your soul feel full. Trust me.

"Bo" on Amazon wrote:

Yes, It Completes the Circle

In this splendid less-than-an-hour read, Erin O'Quinn takes two of her most enigmatic (and sexiest) characters away from their home turfs in an attempt to finally bring them together forever.

Of course, Irish-born Scottish police detective Thomas Fitzgerald and Edinburgh-ensconced scholar, historian and folklore expert "Bobbie" Burns once again have minds of their own, which Ms. O'Quinn quickly sets about to reveal, twist, shape, and nurture. We should all be so lucky.

Without tossing out the details, let's just say that on neutral ground, the explosion of passion and the chill of deception combine to solve a mystery, soothe a kilt-clinging client, and drive Thomas an Bobbie over-the-edge, twice, in opposite directions.

At the end what we are left with is a breathtaking finale which leaves only one question unanswered: "What is your first name, anyway?"

I smiled, I cried (happy tears). An extraordinary short holiday tale that reads the year-round, and without question one of the best finales to a series of short novels I have ever read.

Rodd Clark on Amazon wrote:

Lovely Holiday Tale

It appears that once again author Erin O’Quinn has given her readers another treat, this one in the form of holiday story which consists of our two favorite characters, Bobbie Burns and Thomas Fitzgerald. It has the mystery which her fans have come to expect, as well as the salacious and romantic sexual encounters of our two studly sleuths.

But along with sweeping romance which is achingly beautiful, it’s the lovely and descriptive way Miss. O’Quinn unfolds the tale for us. It is a pleasure reading anything she writes because it is apparently a world she clearly loves and is not afraid of taking her readers along for the ride. I thoroughly enjoyed it - almost as much as I presume she did in writing the words.

If you are already a fan as I am, then I can only say BUY, ENJOY then SHARE. But if you’ve never had the pleasure, then this is an excellent start to a long-lasting relationship. Of that I am certain.

About the Author

Erin O'Quinn was born almost literally on the side of a mountain in Nevada and was hauled kicking and screaming into the nearest town, fifty miles away, to attend first grade. To this day, she claims to be kindergarten-deprived.

O'Quinn earned a few degrees from the University of So. California, but her real education began on the back docks of the Las Vegas (NV) Review-Journal newspaper; on the good-old-boy car lots in Abilene, TX where she sold new Chryslers and used cars; and in a big-box store in Austin, TX where she alternately hauled pallets and ran a garden center.

You'll find a lot of action-adventure, and a character-centered, plot-centered group of seven series and a few stand-alones

Of 46 published works for adults, 33 (I think) are in the gay lit (M/M) genre. From the Noble Dimensions series (small town/contemporary) to Old World Ireland, Jacobite-era  and modern Scotland; and back to the retro world of Ireland in the Roaring 20s, she says, "My men, and my settings, are no-frills, no hearts and flowers. But I think a certain nobility and even spiritual element often creep in among the honest sexual feelings."

Any reviews you see are unsolicited, and are always welcome.

Settle back, enjoy what Erin O'Quinn calls "literotica with a flare for the unusual...thoughtful and with passions too big for their britches."

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