Broken Pieces

by Deja Black

Broken Pieces - Deja Black
Editions:ePub: $ 4.99
ISBN: 978-1-4874-1566-2
Pages: 234

A detective and the future leader of a deadly coven. What can go wrong?

Remi Devereaux is a Louisiana born detective working murder cases in Louisville, Kentucky. While shopping for game-day with the guys, he spots the most amazing person he has ever seen. Peter is a man Remi wants with his whole being, a man he just can’t let go.

Peter Romanoff is a photographer who possesses the spirit of two creatures. Two beings that are slowly tearing him apart. He needs a Supruga, a mate, to help give him balance. When he meets Remi, there is a magnetic pull he can’t deny.

The next in line to lead a powerful coven, Peter is hunted, and the people he knows and loves are being killed. It will take Remi’s love and Peter’s skills to combat the enemy after them. Can Remi be the balance Peter needs before the coven destroys them both?


Peter paused before his booted foot touched the floor of the car.

“Korol’ Krovi,” Caleb growled, fire gleaming from his blue eyes.  “We don’t have time for this.”

Korol’ Krovi, a title he no longer wanted, one Caleb used in its entirety as some type of admonishment. Given a chance, he would forget it entirely. It didn’t matter that he was King of the Blood, successor to his father. He didn’t have a coven to rule, people of the blood to follow. He was merely the leader of a pack of wolves, with Caleb at his side. But, if Peter waited, his Second had no choice but to do so as well.

“Silence, Caleb.” Immediately, Caleb submitted. It was there in the arch of his graceful tanned neck, the downward shift of his massive shoulders, the appealing scent that wafted from him, tangy and sweet. “He said I was pretty. How can I resist?”

And, how could he? The man whose flesh he craved to sink his fingers into had complimented him.


Why not at least hear what he has to say?

Peter watched as his pursuer closed in, his size formidable. He wanted to go to him, to stand close and inhale him. Who was this stranger that in moments made him want things he’d given up on ever having?

An awareness rose within him, slid along his psyche with curiosity while another uncurled as if awakening from sleep.


Peter enjoyed the silkiness of Remi’s voice, the way the sounds and undulations teased along his cock. This was new for him, these feelings, helpless against the desire within.

His wolf listened more carefully, more hungrily, whimpering for more. His nelapsi, the vampire side of him, push to the foreground. His eye teeth lowered, eager to take a bite, a nibble, a sip. It wouldn’t be the first time he was aware of its presence, the darkness that floated just below the surface. Nelapsi were feared among all vampires, brutal, deadly and without mercy. But, Peter’s differences did not stop the powerful need from rising to the forefront.

The feeling played along the nerve endings of his flesh, the pulse of his blood causing his veins to quiver in anticipation. Peter’s breath quickened as both entities within gathered strength.

Kristoff’s warnings from the past echoed in the background, but he chose to ignore them more in favor of savoring Remi’s racing heartbeat, immersing himself in the heady scent of arousal that rose in the air. He wouldn’t force another to become his balance, place on their shoulders responsibilities no person should carry. The tuning fork for his soul, there was no telling how his power would affect his Supruga, or if they would survive the energy that would course through them.

It was too much to think of right now when all he wanted, all he needed was to be closer to Remi.

“Peter,” Caleb whispered, loud enough for only Peter to hear.

How long had he and Remi been staring at each other?

“Stand down, Caleb,” Peter commanded softly. Stepping away from his Second, he drew closer to Remi. He was delightful, this one. The color of his skin was dark and creamy, holding an appeal that Peter wouldn’t—couldn’t—resist.

He pulsed with an energy that Peter imagined sampling. His blood. Would it be spicy? Would all that spirit, that vitality flavor it, make him ache for more?

Remi had his attention, those beautiful eyes on him alone.

“You take my breath away. You’re beautiful, but it’s so much more than that.” Remi moved closer. “And,” he continued roughly, “I need to know why I feel like you’re a part of my soul.”

Peter sighed and shook his head. “I don’t know.” Was this a smart, testing boundaries that only he was aware existed? Too dazzled by the man, he’d been drawn to him like an eager two-year-old to a lightning bug, but neither of them was innocent, especially him. He turned back to the car.

Reviews:Jaymie on Bayou Book Junkie wrote:

4.5 Stars!

Detective Remi Devereaux is finally getting his footing here in Louisville, Kentucky after leaving Louisiana and his family behind. He never expects his world to be turned upside down by a beautiful blonde he spots in the grocery store, especially since that blonde happens to also be a man. But for some reason, gender doesn’t seem to be of any concern to him because every part of him says this man is the one.

Unfortunately, getting to know Peter Romanoff isn't as easy as Remi would’ve hoped. The watchdog/bodyguard aka best friend Caleb seems to thwart Remi whenever he can. Demi’s not sure what’s going on and he won’t let anything stop him from pursuing Peter. Even a sick and twisted killer who may be killing people who’ve had intimate relationships with Peter.

Remi has no clue that a beautiful photographer like Peter is struggling to control the two beasts trapped within him. Or that Peter’s future is to lead his late father’s large and powerful coven. Peter is definitely going to need Remi.

What I Loved: I am a huge fan of Paranormal books so I was super excited to check this one out after I saw the amazingly beautiful cover and I read the blurb. Of course, it also helped that I have become a fan of Deja Black’s stories. I’m glad I had this opportunity because the story didn’t disappoint.

Broken Pieces was very well written and intriguing. It possessed humor, suspense, action and some pretty sexy between the sheets action. I thought Peter and Remi had incredible chemistry and a great connection and thought they worked well together. I’m hoping to see more of them in the future.

I also loved Reno’s partner and best friend Kaden. He brought the comic relief to the story and had me smiling more than once. I loved the relationship he had with Remi and enjoyed their banter.

What I Liked: I honestly liked the way we saw the crimes and investigation through Remi’s eyes. It added an element of creepiness to it all. It fit with the idea that while the paranormal world doesn’t reveal itself to human, humans still find themselves in the middle of it without ever knowing it.

What I Didn’t Like: So I am probably going to be part of the minority but I found myself lost or confused a few times. The world we are shown is detailed and well thought out, but it is sometimes almost too much. I found myself having trouble following the fact that there’s a Coven, a Coven leader and all the things that have to deal with that. Then, there’s the Pack and the Pack Leader. It all became a jumbled mess in my brain in the beginning.

There’s also the matter of Kaden and Caleb. While I loved Kaden and didn’t care for Caleb, I repeatedly confused the two.

Overall, I’d say that this is a really great read and I recommend it to anyone who enjoys reading paranormal stories with magical elements.

***Copy provided to Bayou Book Junkie by the author/publisher for my reading pleasure in hopes of an unbiased opinion, a review was not a requirement.***

About the Author

DEJA BLACK had fantasies of men loving men, men who felt strongly, loved hard, and needed a hero. Then one great day she came across a book and discovered the world of m/m writing, encountered others who shared her obsession as much as she did, and found a world where she could not only be accepted for the lives and loves she envisioned, but she could create them too. So why not? Why not take the stories she would write and throw away as a teenager, grow them, dream them, and make them a reality where she could know her own characters, let them live their story, and make them real for someone else? And she did. Now, with the support of her hubby and some intense time management, she is learning to balance her family of two children at home and the many others she teaches each and every day with her passion of writing what she loves to read.

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