Get Over It (The Gods Made Me Do It #1)

(The Gods Made Me Do It Book 1)

by Lisa Oliver

The Gods Made Me Do It #1

(Spin off series from the Cloverleah Pack. Can be read as a standalone, but readers of the Cloverleah Pack series will recognize some of the secondary characters).

Madison Worthington has worked hard to get to where he is. Thrown out of his pack at a young age, he finds his home in the San Antonio pack, eventually talking himself into a job as Damien's PA. He doesn't get the respect he'd hoped for, but he holds his head high as he works behind the scenes keeping Damien's club and pack running smoothly. At night he dreams of a mate who will hold him in strong arms and love him just the way he is. Unfortunately, the Fates appear to have other plans.

Sebastian D'Eath, son of Thanatos the Angel of Death, has always known that the Fates would throw a mate in his path. He just didn't realize he had to dive into flood waters to stop the man from drowning. But no matter how cute his mate might look as a drowned rat, Sebastian has his arguments ready. He doesn't want a mate; won't take a mate and no one can make him. However, he soon finds out the Fates have other plans for him, too.

Angry words lead to Madison being captured by a wolf with a sick mind. Salvation comes from an unlikely quarter, but Madison returns to the pack with a change of heart. He has some scores to settle and Sebastian is first in the firing line. Hellhounds, dinners and a red convertible - will Sebastian ever get the man he claimed he didn't want?

This story is roughly 50,000 words, but the book includes a bonus short story about Thanatos and Cody.

Warning: Contains two sexy men, intimate situations and coarse language. Also watch out for a sexy twink with an attitude that won't stop, a demigod who seriously needs to grow up and hellhounds that appear without warning.

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Chapter One


Madison Worthington ran his hand over the lapel of his new suit and eyed his reflection critically. The cut was perfect, the dark gray material held a faint sheen under his mirror lights as it emphasized his tight butt and slender waist. Madison patted the trim ends of his golden blond hair where they fell artfully over his face. He kept it short for neatness purposes but he purposefully gave the men in his life something to hold onto on top. He leaned forward and peered at his reflected skin. Eyeliner was expertly applied to bring out a pop in his bright blue eyes. He just needed a spot of lip gloss and he’d be ready to go.
“You’re going to knock ‘em dead tonight,” he said with a smile at his reflection, pushing back familiar negative thoughts about never finding the one meant for him. If only Damien…. Madison stamped the floor with his elegantly booted foot, shutting down that line of thinking. His days with Damien were well over and his Alpha was happy with Scott. Mate, I need to find my mate, he thought, but he shoved that idea away as well. I have a good life, he told himself firmly, I have all I need.
San Antonio was the biggest gay pack in the country; hell, one of the biggest packs anywhere. His position as Damien’s Personal Assistant put him closer to the Alpha than anyone else except Scott and Malacai, the pack second. People trusted him with a myriad of problems, and I cope with them all. Madison was proud of his accomplishments and as he gave his reflection one last look, he knew he had every right to be. I’m far more than the worthless skinny runt my father claimed I was.
The noise of people yelling hit Madison’s ears as he opened his apartment door. This was another reason he loved his position. Damien allowed him to live above the club free of charge. The club was busy, but then it usually was. Rumor had it the Alpha was in town this evening, which probably accounted for the higher than usual volume of noise; although Madison wondered what happened to the music that played twenty-four hours a day. Strutting along the short walkway to the stairs, Madison peered over the balcony and his eyes popped.

The place looked like it’d hosted a WWE free-for-all. The sound system was in pieces. There wasn’t a solid chair or table left standing and there were even holes in the wall – large, body-sized ones.
“I’m going to be needed in the office,” he muttered as he took in the wreckage. He spotted Scott heading in that direction and quickly followed. There was no sign of Damien anywhere.
Scott was talking on the phone when Madison swept into the office the Alpha shared with his mate. The Alpha Mate held up two fingers and Madison tried to curb his impatience. He wanted to know what caused the mess. “Yes, if you could. An estimate would be nice. I can’t stress how important it is this is fixed immediately. If you can do it in two days, there will be a hefty bonus for you and the workers. I’ll have the manager wait for you. He has my authorization to approve it. Thank you. I’ll tell him to expect you first thing in the morning.”
Madison shifted his feet. “What happened down there?” He asked as soon as Scott disconnected the call. “It looks as if the entire pack went at it. Why do these things always happen when I’m away?”
“Love the new clothes,” Madison preened under Scott’s attention. He couldn’t help himself. No one else seemed to notice his efforts. But Scott was nice like that. “Damien and an old friend got reacquainted.”
“Reacquainted?” Madison’s voice was faint. He’d seen his Alpha in a temper and it wasn’t a pretty sight. He was surprised the club was still standing.
“Yep. Reacquainted. Now I need you to...” There was a knock at the office door. “Come in,” Scott called.
A god stuck his head around the door. There was no other word to describe the height, those muscles, and that face…Madison snapped his mouth shut to stop himself from drooling. “They’re still resting peacefully.” Oh, and that voice, as beautiful and powerful as the rest of him. Madison couldn’t stop staring.
“Good.” Scott snapped. “Have a seat. I’m just getting quotes. Sebastian will be paying half.”
“Only fair.” The gorgeous man turned his attention Madison’s way. An embarrassing squeak came out of his mouth as the man said “Hello.”
Madison couldn’t speak. He could barely get his brain to function. The godlike man smiled and then his right eyebrow quirked in the most delicious fashion. Madison felt light-headed, but for the life of him, he couldn’t get his mouth to work.
“Nereus, this is our PA, Madison,” Scott said although Madison wasn’t paying attention. He was drowning in eyes the color of the sea. “Madison who will be taking my notes. Won’t you, Madison? Madison!”
Shit. He had to answer. But all Madison could manage was another squeak. His cheeks burned but he couldn’t look away from what could only be described as masculine perfection. He yearned to know how that beard would feel against his skin.
“Madison?” Scott said, “Write!”
Madison managed a nod.
“Maybe it’s better if I leave?” the gorgeous one known as Nereus said smoothly. “You can fill me in on the costs and stuff on the way to the Pack House.”
Was he going to leave? Before Madison had a chance to…well, Madison wasn’t sure what he’d get a chance to do, but the thought of not seeing this man again was crushing. “You aren’t staying here?” Wow, his mouth worked.
“Scott invited us to the Pack House. But of course, we’ll be here a lot.” Oh, that voice, Madison could listen to it all day. His cock was tapping on his buttons and he was worried it would break through.
“Oh good,” he managed to say and then flushed again. “I mean how nice.”
“If you want, Nereus, why don’t you go down to the kitchen and order dinner for us,” Scott interrupted. “Order whatever you like.”
“Sure.” Nereus took Madison’s hand and Madison’s knees went weak. “It was so nice to meet you, pretty wolf.”
Pretty wolf! He likes me. Madison squeaked then cleared his throat. “Yes, I’ll look forward to meeting you again. I mean I look forward to meeting with you again. I mean...”
“I understand.” Damn it, the laugh was deep and sexy. Madison was ready to strip off his clothes and grab his ankles. “I’ll order, Scott. For our rooms?”
“Ours. We have a large table in the apartment. I don’t mind replacing it if necessary. The apartment could do with remodeling.”
Nereus laughed and left. When the door shut behind him, Madison dropped in a chair. “Oh, my gods...” He said, fanning himself with his hands.
Scot grinned. “Close. Very close.”
“What? I mean oh, my! He was... he is... I...” Madison needed to get his brain into gear. He didn’t want Scott thinking he was irresponsible but damn, his mind was filled with the god who walked out the door and all the delicious things he wanted to do to him. He could worship that body for hours.
“He’s Nereus, son of Poseidon and a friend of Damien’s,” Scott said with a laugh. “Do not drool on the carpet.”
“But he’s... he’s... I...” Madison was still in shock. His cock was pounding. Has it been that long since I’ve been fucked? Madison reckoned it must have been because all he wanted to do was run after Nereus and plead for a long sticky night between the sheets. Or up a wall…damn, he’d settle for a hand on his dick.
“Look. Let’s get this finished and then you can plan how to impress him,” Scott said, giving him a pointed look.

“We are going to the Pack House but as soon as the contractors are done, we’ll be back to inspect.”
Inspect. Nereus said he’d be back. And he’d smiled, at me and called me pretty. Madison did an internal happy dance and then tried to pull himself together. “Yes! Oh, my gods, yes. I mean of course. We will make sure that everything is finished as fast as possible.”
If he had anything to do with it, Madison would have the club fixed and open again within two days. He’d hound the workmen day and night if he had to. His mind half on what Scott was saying, Madison was already planning what outfit would most appeal to the deliciously hunky man who smelled of the sea.


About the Author

Lisa Oliver's first fiction book was The Reluctant Wolf, book one in the Cloverleah series. Since then she's written more than fifty other titles spanning a number of different series including Bound and Bonded, Stockton Wolves, Balance, The God's Made Me Do it, City Dragons, The Necromancer's Smile, and the Alpha and Omega series. A huge fan of the true mate trope, Lisa's books are all paranormal, all M/M (although a few M/M/M have crept in too) and all have an HEA.

When not writing, Lisa can be found with her nose in a book or out walking her Rotty pups. Her adult children and grandchildren have found the best way to get her off the computer is to offer her chocolate.


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