20 Years Worth of Time

by Michael Czerwiec-Feliciano

20 Years Worth of Time - Michael Czerwiec Feliciano
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Pages: 178
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Pages: 178

Drew needs to start over and the only place he can think to go is back home. Back to Monroe, Iowa where he grew up. The one place in the world he hates. Back to all the people he left behind after high school. Back to Paul.

Paul knew Drew was back in town, now he just had to get his attention. He had let him get away once before, it wasn't going to happen this time. Not if Paul had anything to do with it.

About the Author

Michael Czerwiec-Feliciano grew up in the small town of Monroe, IA and after stints on both the West coast (San Francisco & LA) and the East coast (Quincy, MA) currently resides in Waukee, IA with his amazing husband, Alfelino, whom he met on a blind date in California many years ago. Michael is enjoying being back in Iowa.

Michael is currently putting the finishing touches on his third YA gay novel in his new "Precipice" series while still shopping the first two books in this series to a publisher. He is putting together a collection of short stories about different types of relationships.  He's also entertaining the idea of a sequel to a couple of his previous novels.

Michael currently has seven novels written and five self-published. He is still looking for a publisher for his Gay Sci-Fi series.  He hopes to one day crack a best seller's list somewhere in the world.